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1 Photo. 53 Interpretations. How Social Media Impacts Perspective

This week, while running along Evanston’s lakefront, I stopped to admire the beautiful expanse of a vacant, autumn beach, then snapped a quick pic. I posted the shot on Facebook, accompanied by this sentence: Name this photo in 15 words or less. My own eyes took in peace, beauty and not a little bit of... Read more »

2014 Maryhill Ratz G-Ride Photos

2014 Maryhill Ratz G-Ride Photos
We went. He crashed. We survived. Enjoy these 2014 Maryhill Ratz G-Ride photos, then click here to find out why our trip was unforgettable. Type your name in the box below and click “Create Subscription” to get every new post of Riding The Waves. My blog is completely spam free and you can opt out... Read more »

A Love Letter To Longboarding: Swells Of Passion For The Sport That Nearly Killed My Son. Part 1

A Love Letter To Longboarding: Swells Of Passion For The Sport That Nearly Killed My Son. Part 1
Dear Longboarding, This isn’t an easy letter to write, especially since I’ve judged you so harshly for so long. What I’ve come to realize is that I hadn’t fully appreciated you until you almost killed Henry last weekend. I need to get this off my chest though, so just keep reading, even through the hard... Read more »

My Beautiful Lake Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat'l Park near Traverse City, Michigan
I grew up in the land-locked, northwest suburbs of Chicago, then married a sailor. During our 21-year marriage, we’ve shared breathtaking sunsets, downpours and rainbows — always on or near this greatest of lakes: Lake Michigan. Michael asked me to marry him on Oak Street Beach in Chicago, and each of our three children were... Read more »
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