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Confessions Of A Mom: That Time I Went To The Sybaris Pool Suites As A Teen

Confessions Of A Mom: That Time I Went To The Sybaris Pool Suites As A Teen
I promised myself 2015 would be the year I “exercise fearless sharing”, so when I read ChicagoNow blogger Brett Baker’s hilarious post about The Sybaris Pool Suites, it brought back memories of my own experience at The Sybaris and how unforgivably ridiculous it was. I reached out to Brett to share my story, and here,... Read more »

My First Guest Post!

My First Guest Post!
I was asked by the amazing Renée Schuls-Jacobson to write a guest post for her blog Teachers & Twits…and I’m thrilled to share her blog with you. As a lifelong slooooooowwwwwwwww reader, I felt like a TWIT in 7th grade until my incredible TEACHER taught me otherwise. Take a look around Renée’s blog…she’s got a... Read more »
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    So hey, how's it going? I cover life's ups and downs, but I'm really drawn to the tough, emotional stuff. My perspective covers 23 years of marriage and 17 years of parenting, and while I'm always willing to voice an opinion, it often contradicts my innate desire to please everyone at all times. Such is this crazy life, so I guess all I can do is just write about how I've (usually) kept my head above water. Thanks for dropping by. You know you totally rock, right?

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