Everyday Blogging. Day 4 of 365

fullsizeoutput_11ad3This everyday blogging thing is gonna be fascinating.
And hard.
And challenging.
And so good for me, I think.

This everyday blogging thing forces me to stop.
To be still.
To think.
To write.

This everyday blogging thing isn't something I *decided* to do. It's something I literally felt compelled to do, perhaps because my body and mind have been in need of stillness, deeper thought, and a chance to feel comfortable writing regularly again.

This everyday blogging thing is something that a few writerly friends expressed doubts about:
"I tried that...lasted six months."
"It won't work. Focus on something else."
"A whole year? Why this? Why now?"
I understand their cautions, yet I'm still inspired to do what some believe cannot be done.

This everyday blogging thing is entirely mine. That's why I'm doing it. It lets me think openly and without abandon, allowing me to put down whatever I feel. I can open my heart as wide as I'd like, and set boundaries for which I, alone, decide where they're best upheld.

This everyday blogging thing scares me, that's for sure, and yet I believe it's important to do something out of my comfort zone, just a little something, every single day. Doing so stretches my resolve... and my resilience. It also leaves a record for my later review, a progress report, perhaps some evidence of growth.

Everyday blogging forces me into a routine of sorts. I think I'm craving routine, and a new sense of "normal".

Everyday blogging feels like a new friend, someone I'm only just getting to know: mysterious; fascinating; and maybe, just maybe, a little *beyond* me. It feels like something that might push me to some higher standards, and to stretch myself a little farther (further? whatever...) than I've ever reached before.

This everyday blogging thing will sometimes get annoying -- and perhaps feel like more than I can handle. Believe me, I'm preparing for that. In fact, I welcome those feelings, because God knows there are challenges far worse.

This everyday blogging thing is exactly what it is -- everyday blogging, and nothing more.

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