We're All Riding The Waves Of Life

We're All Riding The Waves Of Life

Sometimes it feels like you've really got this, that everything's going to work out. Other times you wonder why you'd ever allowed yourself to think that way.

Sometimes you face situations alone, scared half to death, only to "survive" and learn later that others felt exactly the same. Other times you breeze through storms, wondering -- after the fact -- how it was that you'd never even flinched.

Sometimes reflections can surprise you, like when you discover how inner feelings don't always align with what shows on the outside. Other times you walk as if wearing blinders, determined to avoid opportunities for reflection altogether.

Sometimes a blinding sunshine wakes you from your sleep, with a light so intense you forget all that came before. Other times a morning gray lingers, long after the new moon rises.

Sometimes change feels uphill and impossible, like a new language you believe you'll never master, like the song you simply cannot stand to hear. Other times change is the most liberating of actions, clearing space for renewed hope and possibility.

Sometimes you know your inner strength will guide you, while other times you search for it, worried for its  return.

Sometimes you feel untethered, longing for the ease of a deep, unspoken connection. Other times you feel anchored from within, embraced by the universe, wanting to "give back" in every imaginable way.

Sometimes the timing is just not right. Other times, it's clear everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes you spend your energy just trying to make sense of things. Other times, in all honesty, you couldn't give two shits.

Sometimes your meager efforts exceed everyone else's expectations. Other times your best attempts disappoint even those you've never met.

Sometimes your heart's right there in the open, beating steadily for all to see. Other times it's locked away, the only proof of its existence in muffled, rhythmic beats heard only in your ears.

These are the waves we ride each day, sailing through moments touched by history and dreams, navigating our unique journeys amidst others navigating theirs.

The ocean of life is vast, and the journey is ever-changing. Sometimes it feels lonely on the water. Other times it's suffocating and downright polluted. And sometimes, the sojourn is easy, completely effortless.

Take it all in, though, ESPECIALLY the tough times. These struggles make us who we are, worth sailing through -- every last one of them -- because once through the squalls, the clouds, and the storms, we have evidence of the abstract: of our fortitude; our faith; our love; our hope. Without challenges and tough times, we're simply floating on the surface.

So please keep going.  Keep riding the waves and just keep on going.

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    Christine Wolf

    I tend to cover life's ups and downs. I don't shy away from the tougher, more emotional stories. While I'm always willing to voice an opinion, it sometimes contradicts my innate desire to please everyone at all times. Such is this crazy life, I suppose. Ultimately, I search for meaning in the human experience, and openly share how I (try to) keep my head above water. Thanks so much for dropping by. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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