Why "The Fox" Went Viral: 10 Observations on the Ylvis Music Video

Why "The Fox" Went Viral: 10 Observations on the Ylvis Music Video
"The Fox" by Yvlis

Have you seen the video for "Fox" by Ylvis? If you haven't, click on the link below to check it out, but keep an open mind.

Click here to watch the video for "Fox" by Ylvis

1. First time you watch it, you'll think it's a joke, especially when the guy goes, "What the fox say?" If you're a parent with kids between the ages of 1-15, you know exactly what the fox says.

2. Second time through, the song sticks in your head the way a firebomb salsa coats your mouth: you try to stop going back for more pain, but you just can't. And you're annoyed.

3. Third time through, you'll think, "Aside from a-ha, Norway's got other cute singers who harmonize? Who knew?"

4. Fourth time around, you'll note they've spent a lot of time YouTubing Psy videos. Like crazy-like-a-fox amounts of time...

5. Fifth time through, you're positive they've been dabbling in illicit drugs.

6. Sixth time through, you think, "Halloween's coming up. I'm sensing a fox costume in my future." Unless, like me, your last name is Wolf.

7. Seventh time around, you'll wonder if their access to professional animators was limited to interns vying for breakfast cereal assignments.

8. Eighth time: "It's funny," you'll think. "These guys actually have a sense of humor."

9. Ninth viewing proves that dancers dressed as foxes surrounding levitating fox mascots actually do look foxy prancing in forest clearings illuminated by light sabers.

10. Tenth time viewing "Fox" by Yvlis and you'll still be wondering, "How do I pronounce this band's name?" (ILL-vis) and "Who are these jokers?" (late night comedian TV host brothers from Norway).

Click here to watch the video for "Fox" by Ylvis

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