Princess Kate Still Has a Baby Pooch!

Princess Kate Still Has a Baby Pooch!

After delivering 3 babies, I've been intrigued amazed stunned shocked embarrassed horrified  fascinated by the fact that I look 8 months pregnant following expulsion. You heard me.

I thought it was just because I was 5 feet tall.

I thought it was just because I ate to my heart's gestational content.

I thought it was just because I wasn't a freaky pregnant workout queen.

But, even the future Queen of England sports a post-baby pooch after delivering His Royal Highness!


Perfect Princess Kate now has a baby AND a chunka-munka just like the rest of us!

I like that.

A LOT. that her belly button I can see through her Just-Like-Di polka-dot dress? Even I didn't have that!!! Awwww....

I'm so happy that the world press digitally documented Princess Kate's postnatal bulge for the royal couple and their new 8 pound, 6 ounce delight.

Please forgive my bitterness, but I've never, ever forgotten how someone mentioned to me while I was pregnant (multiple times) that she wore her pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital after delivering her first son. She's such a pain in the ass silly Magoo.

Bottom line? It's wonderful to see how bulbous distended puffy poochy bloated enlarged overwhelmed-with-love Kate looks after having just given birth.

Long live those of us who don't snap back to tight abs the second we've delivered the King.

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