Whispers In The Wind. Real Quotes Heard By Real Moms.

Whispers In The Wind. Real Quotes Heard By Real Moms.
Dreams Come True

Trust me. I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

June 10, 2013

From the 13-year-old daughter: "Remember that time you brought that Rice Krispie Treat cake into my class when I was 11? You were such a cool mom back then."

From the online banking service (via email): "Your account is overdrawn."

From a 40-something friend (via text), regarding getting old: "I think an Old Lady Fairy visits in the middle of the night right after your 40th birthday. She puts poison pixie dust in your eyes & ears to make em go bad then takes whatever's left and puts it on your abs, arms and back fat."

From another 40-ish friend (via Facebook) after publicly acknowledging she Googled the song Bizarre Love Triangle, only to catch grief for doing so: "I know the song. God knows I drunk danced to it, just never knew the name. Keep walking, nothing to see here."

From the 15-year-old son (via text) when asked how his finals went earlier in the day: "Good."

From the 10-year-old son: "Can I give you a big hug?"

From the tired husband (after returning from a fog-delayed business trip): "I moved your car to the other side of the street since tomorrow's street cleaning day. By the way, the inside of your car smells like ass."


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