My Beautiful Lake Michigan

I grew up in the land-locked, northwest suburbs of Chicago, then married a sailor. During our 21-year marriage, we've shared breathtaking sunsets, downpours and rainbows -- always on or near this greatest of lakes: Lake Michigan. Michael asked me to marry him on Oak Street Beach in Chicago, and each of our three children were born steps from the water's edge at Prentice Women's Hospital. Our lives revolve -- literally -- around this 1,638-mile lake, affectionately known as The Third Coast. Lake Michigan appeals to all of our senses, whether we're sailing across its surface or swimming beneath its swells, slathering on sunscreen before a day-long sail or guzzling an ice-cold drink after trekking its shores, hearing the screeching of seagulls or seeking a lighthouse in the dark...

Most of these photos are my own, some I've received from friends, and all of them tell the story of My Beautiful Lake Michigan.

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