Following Dajae Coleman's Death, It's Time To Wake the F*ck Up, America

Following Dajae Coleman's Death, It's Time To Wake the F*ck Up, America
Two boys leave the memorial service for 14-year-old Dajae Coleman. How do we ensure they'll grow up to fit into their oversized clothes?

Spend a little time on the US Census Bureau website and you'll find that, statistically speaking, the population of Evanston, Illinois, is  quite similar to the overall population of the United States of America.

Aside from Evanston's higher-than-average population density, this suburb north of Chicago reflects the racial and socioeconomic makeup of our nation -- which is why the recent murder of fourteen-year-old high school freshman Dajae Coleman is so important.

Dajae Coleman came from a good family...wasn't involved in drugs or gangs...valued education...respected others...believed in himself. But when a 20-year-old man allegedly shot Coleman in a case of mistaken identity, even the town's higher-than-average educational levels couldn't prevent a tragic end to such a promising young life.

How can we Stop The Violence In Evanston...and beyond?

Follow this link to read a column I wrote on about my feelings following Dajae Coleman's memorial service in Evanston on Saturday, September 29.

And, ask almost any kid in America, even those with the shoot-em-out videogames, and they'll give it to you straight.

We need to get the guns off our streets.

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