Your Comprehensive Summer Movie Preview: 8 Movies I Can't Wait to See, and 5 I Can't Believe Got Made

To celebrate the release of Iron Man 3, I thought it'd be a good time to look at the summer movie releases and plan your movie going. I'm not saying I'm an authority, but I'm pretty damn good at spotting great movies, shitty movies, and great shitty movies just from previews. Saw the Gladiator preview - knew it was great. Saw the Ghost Ship trailer (and heard the title) - knew it was shitty. Heard rumors about the possibility of The Expendables - knew it would be an all-time great shitty movie. Ok, I am saying I'm an authority. You can trust me. I spend way too much time thinking about and dissecting this stuff. I can trace the film career of Armie Hammer in depth, leaving my brain no room for things like, oh I don't know, long division. I'm the guy you want to guide you through this.



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  • I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch! He has been such an amazing Sherlock.

  • In reply to YouWinTheInternet:

    He's pretty awesome! I can't get over his voice - sounds like he has marbles in his mouth, but it's somehow sexy. Totally unfair.

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