Job search post-retirement #2

Here's the thing... looking for a job post-retirement started out as fun. Now it's not.

Why? It's not necessary to find one. I won't starve without a job at this point. This is not as important as it was when I needed a job.

It should be fun. Must admit, interviewing after 30 years has been interesting.

I sit there wondering what is going on in the heads of those people asking me about my myself. ("Will this interview never end?") ("Think I'll skip the next question. Time for some lunch.") I try to remember what I was thinking about when I was on interviewing committees sitting on the other side of the table. Not much comes to mind. Might be over analyzing this whole thing.

I do find some good stories in this search. Seeing myself in some of these jobs I find makes me smile.

Dog-walker? (I'd feel sorry for a dog at home all by itself and stay longer to just play with it.)
Receptionist? (Dealing with lots of people wanting your attention at the same time would remind me of teaching.)
Tutor? (Been there. Done that.)
Retail? (Discounts for myself)

I do believe some of the angst I feel comes from my past and my associations with job searches then... like- fear of not getting a job and worries about the job itself if I did get one.

What's to worry about now? Time for a realignment of my thinking here. Let it come, if it comes. And if it doesn't, oh well.
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