Job search post-retirement #2

Here’s the thing… looking for a job post-retirement started out as fun. Now it’s not. Why? It’s not necessary to find one. I won’t starve without a job at this point. This is not as important as it was when I needed a job. It should be fun. Must admit, interviewing after 30 years has... Read more »

What do I do with all that stuff I brought home from work, post-retirement?

It’s been 8 months now in post-retirement. When I left my almost 40 years of working (yikes) I cleaned out, threw out, and packed the rest of all those treasures from the last millennium.  Now, what  do I do with all that stuff I brought home from my classroom? I just starred at it all... Read more »

Job Searching

This blog today is not for those out there that are looking for a career job.  Been there.  Done that. Getting a job after retirement…. in something you know nothing about….getting out of your comfort zone…interviewing for the first time in a long time…. I’m testing the waters.  Yes, out there looking for a part-time... Read more »

Winter Blues

It’s always this time of year that one reads about SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Statistics say 6% of the U.S. population is affected by it.  It’s a shortage of sunlight.  It’s a real medical disorder.  Now, not everyone experiences this serious disorder, but many many people experience the doldrums of winter.  What to do? Sad? ... Read more »

"Oh! You're retired! Wish I was..."

OK.  Holidays are over.  One sees many people over them–some you want to see and others, not so much.  (Feeling is mutual for those who saw me I’m sure.) Anyway, I found myself addressing the same statement from many people over the past few months…. “I wish I was retired.” Now, I’m surprised.  Why?   I... Read more »

8AM. Shouldn't I be Doing Something?

For the few months of retirement I seemed to be consumed with my “schedule.”  After all, my entire life was a schedule:  meetings at work, appointments to be made after work days or weekends, weekly grocery store trips, etc.  So here I was one beautiful summer morning without one.  Without a schedule. It almost made... Read more »

Tap Dancing? You've got to be kidding...

I’m a very recently retired teacher, about 6 months now.  I taught school for almost 40 years.  (OMG!)  I loved what I did.  Loved it.  But I did reach that point when I knew it was time to go and so the challenge was in trying to figure out what I was to do after... Read more »