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Shopping for athleisure shoes

My main exercise is walking, and these days the walk is often back and forth between home and the Loop or the Near North Side. Even though I count those walks as aerobic exercise, the activities they take me to call for something nicer than shorts, T-shirt, and lace-up athletic shoes. The sandals and thin-soled... Read more »

City life needs to be balanced with retreats to nature

Returning home Sunday from kayaking with friends about an hour and a half south of Chicago, I thought about needing to get out to nature more. In warm weather I go outside at every opportunity, but a stroll through Grant Park or along the lakefront, as nice as that can be, isn’t what I meant.... Read more »

Who should give up train and bus seats?

Just after 9 on a weekday morning, I stepped onto a southbound Red Line train at Belmont. No seats were available, so I stood, staring at the seated 20- and 30-somethings who were staring at their phones. I was feeling somewhat miffed that none of them thought, “Here’s a woman at least three decades older... Read more »

The lowdown on high-rise living

Since I moved into a high-rise in the South Loop three years ago, two friends from my former small vintage condo building in Edgewater have moved into high-rises on Sheridan Road, and another friend moved from a small vintage building in Evanston to a high-rise in Streeterville. Two of us wanted to live downtown, one... Read more »

Insuring a rental when you don’t own a car

For us city dwellers who gave up our cars, insuring rental cars can be confusing and maybe unnecessarily costly. It pays to know before you’re standing at the counter whether a non–car owner can get by without the insurance the rental car companies push on you. Before renting a car for a recent one-week trip... Read more »

What to do about street people who request money?

I was giving a Chicago Greeter tour recently, talking about State State in its heyday while standing at the northwest corner of State and Washington with a Delaware family — father, mother, 11-year-old son, and 7-year-old daughter. An elderly woman approached. She said she lived in a nursing home at Sheridan and Howard and had... Read more »

So much to do in downtown Chicago for free

I lived in Edgewater on Chicago’s Far North Side for 22 years and was happy there, but living downtown was a wish for a long time, especially after I gave up my car. As much as I liked Edgewater and its friendly community, I was getting bored. Where was there to go when I wanted... Read more »