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Doctor’s orders: back to low-fat diet

You may recall the reports in the last couple of years about low-fat diets being oversold. If they are so healthy, critics said, why are Americans more overweight than ever? I paid attention to books coming out with titles like Eat Fat, Get Thin because I was having trouble controlling my appetite. The authors made... Read more »

Give up cheese? No way

“Your dairy vice has been vindicated,” the headline said. That seemed reassuring, since I not only like dairy but also rely on it for a good portion of my daily protein. The headline suggested that dairy is like eggs; for years we were told to avoid eggs, especially egg yolks, and then eggs were reevaluated... Read more »

Empathizing with those who aren’t able-bodied

People who live with chronic pain and permanent disability have my sympathy and regard. It’s been only five days since an injury and I am frustrated and impatient. My current condition is the result of a fall from the upper rung of a two-step ladder. I landed on my rear end and hit my back... Read more »

Why I chose Medicare Advantage

Just like when we had jobs, retirees have an open enrollment period for health insurance. The period during which people can change their Medicare plans started October 15 and will end December 7. I switched from employer insurance to a less-costly Medicare policy while still working, and 2017 will be my third year on Medicare.... Read more »

Shopping for athleisure shoes

My main exercise is walking, and these days the walk is often back and forth between home and the Loop or the Near North Side. Even though I count those walks as aerobic exercise, the activities they take me to call for something nicer than shorts, T-shirt, and lace-up athletic shoes. The sandals and thin-soled... Read more »

I’m not an old lady yet — am I?

When strangers give me a smile or a friendly greeting, I’m generally happy to return it. But I was taken aback by the greeting of a 40ish man on a downtown sidewalk: “Hey, old lady, how ya doin?” “Did you just call me old?” was my incredulous reply. And then he seemed taken aback. “You... Read more »

Self-massage for your sore spots

I don’t often spring for a massage, but Renaissance Court’s offer of a one-hour massage for $20 was irresistible. Unfortunately, the masseuse was too gentle for my liking, but a tip from her could have ongoing benefit if I’d put it into practice. She advised self-massage. Do it when you’re watching TV, she suggested, and... Read more »

Not much new in survey on aging

In its May 22 issue, and also online, Parade magazine summarized a study about aging it conducted with the Cleveland Clinic. What struck me at first, when I thought that only older people had been surveyed, was how few surprises there were: • Eighty-two percent expect to be healthier and live longer than their parents.... Read more »

Need hearing aids? Don’t be embarrassed

According to the Better Hearing Institute, nearly two-thirds of people with a hearing loss are younger than 65. Say that again? Isn’t hearing loss usually something that happens as people age? Although it is true that one in three people in their 60s have some hearing loss, and two in three over age 75, it’s... Read more »

Good diet advice: feel full

In the changing, confusing sphere of diet advice, one thing jumps out at me across several plans: eating foods that make you feel full. Many people have turned to high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets on the premise that protein increases feelings of fullness, while carbs do the opposite, spiking insulin levels and stimulating the appetite. Such diets... Read more »