Chicago’s Top 3 Hipster Zip Codes

RealtyTrac on Thursday released a report called the "Top 25 Hipster Zips for Returns on Rental Properties" - places where investors interested in investing in the rental market should place their bets.

Three Chicago zip codes – 60625, 60647, 60642 - made the list.

Realty Trac said it analyzed zip code data to identify established and emergent hyper-local hipster markets "where investors can realize solid returns on rental properties while also enjoying low vacancy rates that ensure they won't have much down time between renters."

"There's no doubt the culture surrounding the hipster lifestyle has a major impact on local real estate markets, and mostly in a positive way," said the report.

The report added that thanks to an influx of trendy restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other amenities, a neighborhood branded as "hipster" is likely to see property values and rental rates rise while vacancies and foreclosures decline.

"As a nascent hipster market emerges, it can be an extremely appealing target for real estate investors looking to make some quick fix-and-flip profits or to purchase rental properties that provide a steady cash flow and the promise of strong appreciation going forward."

RealtyTrac said the prime hipster age range is between 25 and 34, which accounts nationally for 13 percent of the population.

Who ranked #1 on the Hipster zip code list?  St. Paul, Minnesota.


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