Pretty on the Inside? That's Not Enough!

When it comes to listing your home, effectively staging your property for sale can be the difference in getting the price you want versus a disappointing offer; however, there is a key misconceptions about staging that can cost home sellers.

Most of us think good home staging focuses on the home's interiors – a fresh coat of paint on the walls, clearing out the clutter, and adding or subtracting furniture. But lets face it, in the end, it's the prospective homebuyer's first impressions that counts, and the exterior of your home, aka the first thing that homebuyer will see, is what will create that first impression.

So, though we would never speak against interior staging, you can't neglect exterior staging either, and we have three tips for for staging on the outside that will create the perfect first impression for prospective buyers:

  • Landscaping – This is always step one in preparing a home for the market. Mow the lawn, eliminate weeds, rake leaves, and, should you have one, spruce up the garden – and repeat these steps for the back yard, too!
  • Clean, clean clean – Nothing's more unsightly than a dirty home. Clean windows of grime and any tree/bush growth, clear out the gutters, and even consider pressure washing the siding, decks and walkways to really give the property a fresh, sparkling exterior; also, check for any mold and mildew around the perimeter of the home…and exterminate it!
  • Welcoming atmosphere – Your front door must say "welcome," and not just with a welcome sign. A well-maintained front door, with crisp lines, bold colors, and a charming handle, can be a powerful sign for a prospective buyer, so if yours is in less than stellar shape, see to doing something about that, whether it be with fresh paint, repairs, or, it necessary, a total replacement. Beyond the front door, also pay attention to lighting, and ensure that everything is well-lit for buyers. Replace outdated fixtures and address numbers, and consider solar lighting along your sidewalks, driveway or landscaping.

Staging the interior of your home is undeniably important, but prospective homebuyers are looking for the whole package, a residence that satisfies all of their needs; and a clean, inviting exterior will undoubtedly be one of those needs.

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