The box of beauty has arrived

The box of beauty has arrived

Today was a good day, I was pleasantly surprised to open my mailbox and find that my little box of beauty from Birchbox has finally arrived for the month of April -- If you did not catch my last post about this amazing beauty company essentially, all you do is go to their website and sign up to receive amazing (some full size) samples once a month in a convenient decorated package. All for only $10!

This month had an eco-friendly theme to it, here is what I found inside:
Zoya Nail Polish in Dove - A full size environmentally friendly nail polish. Not only does it come in great colors, but will stay on your nails longer than other polishes out there. 
Added Bonus: vegan friendly! 
Zhena's Gypsy Tea Italian Chamomile - 100% organic and 100% delicious!
Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser-- Just the other day I was thinking about how my skin could use a little boost. This scrub smells like a fresh spring day with hints of citrus and lemon.
The last thing opened was a tiny package wrapped in pink tissue paper - Birchbox is great with its packaging - once opened I found a LIV GRN perfume sample, the perfect clean-crisp scent, and Weleda, Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion. The lotion is perfect for making your skin super soft and, 10% of the perfumes proceeds go directly to the non-profit Global Green.
Sign up today if you want a surprise like this in your mailbox once a month -- highly recommended!

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