Post-Thoughts on the 2016 Thanksgiving Day Challenge

dog-eating-christmas-turkeyAre the leftovers really gone? Was Thanksgiving just a week away!? With the barrage of Holiday advertising and decor it feels more like it was a month away!

I heard from many of you who decided to try the Thanksgiving Day Challenge and loved hearing your comments and feedback. How did it go? Did others in your family do it? Was it more difficult for some over others?

Tom and I did it together and I must say, I was surprised by his nonchalance about it. He was not tempted nor flummoxed by leaving his phone behind. He kept to his five-and-under check-ins on his phone and when I asked him at the end of the day how it went, he said, "You know, I really try and NOT use my phone on the weekends so we can all be together. I am on the phone so much during the week that I look forward to not having my phone on me all the time. To me, it didn't feel like such a stretch."

Well, La Tee Da.

Unlike my enlightened husband, I had a different experience. I must say, I felt almost a sense of relief when I left my phone behind. I did three check-ins throughout the day/night and the rest of the time I left my phone at home or had it turned off. I didn't mind the home computer ban--the kids and I were doing things together so it wasn't an issue--and of course, with football as the highlight of the day, news programs were nowhere in sight.

My shoulders felt lower and my breathing was more relaxed. I felt less distracted and much more present. It was especially refreshing to not hear a single quip about the Presidency and what was happening in the world of politics.

Thanks to all of you who joined the ranks of the Thanksgiving Day Challenge. I welcome your thoughts and comments which seem especially pertinent as we walk through these next few weeks of busy-ness and distraction. Any tidbits for getting through the holiday season with more presence and less stress will be helpful. Let us know!

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