Number of Hugs Predicted the Success of the Chicago Cubs; Could More Create a World Series Win?

hugWith an exciting 5th game in the 2016 World Series, the Chicago Cubs brought home a "W" with a final score of 3 to 2 against the Cleveland Indians. Closing out the last three innings was the Cubs "Closer," Aroldis Chapman, shown in the photo hugging his catcher, Willson Contreras, at the end of the game. What a beautiful picture of two teammates exuding relief, joy, connection and support.

Berkley scientists Kraus, Huang and Keltner shared findings about the effects touch has on individual players and their team in the journal, Emotion. Their studies concluded that the winningest teams exhibited more physical touch--from fist bumps to high fives and hugs--than other teams. Their studies were conducted with the NBA but their conclusions were applicable to any team: Physical connection is a predictor for teams flying the most "W's."

This past week, Val Warner, Ryan Chiaverini and Ji Suk Yi from Windy City Live talked extensively about the Chicago Cubs and their unabashed ability to hug and touch each other. Their comments directly support the study in that the Chicago Cubs are indeed among the top two winningest teams in the country.

It seems like our Chicago Cubs would be a slam-dunk for Part 2 of the Kraus, Huang and Keltner study: Could more high fives and hugs yield more connection and increased performance for individual players and the entire team? With two games left, would it hurt to try?

Go Cubs, Go! 

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