White-Knuckle Cancer Moments with White Stripes, Wine and Chocolate

White StripesAs I write, I know two women who await results on a cancer test. This entry is dedicated to them and to the hundreds--no, thousands--of women and men who are awaiting test results in this moment.  If you know someone who is going through or will go through this agonizing process, please forward this to them and send them love. They are not alone!

Two weeks ago was my almost-four-year-check up. With ovarian cancer, there is a blood test that detects a protein which increases exponentially if there are cancer cells in your body. While it's not fool-proof (for a handful of women it doesn't work at all), it is an effective marker for my body as evidenced by my past tests.

Waiting for serious medical results downright sucks. As the day drags on, the level of stress increases along with a feeling of being completely out of control. We have all felt this way at one point or another as we wait on results for ourselves or our loved ones: Mind racing, sanity lost, present moment completely gone along with any faith in a force bigger than us. Below I've written my strategies for getting through crisis moments in life. You'll notice that they start off quite reasonable and as the day progresses with no news, they become desperate. Thankfully, crises don't happen on an on-going basis. They're rare. The take away from this entry is a call for a gentler, kinder way of being with ourselves during these moments. Non-judgmental. Compassionate. Loving. Knowing in our hearts that we are managing the best we can...and however that plays out is enough. Imperfectly perfect as we cope through the curve balls of life.

Cindy's Top 10 Coping Mechanisms for Waiting on Cancer Results or Other White-Knuckle Moments:

  1. Meditate or pray: It reminds us that we have the strength to sustain whatever comes our way.
  2. Get a good workout in that includes an excellent opportunity to release anxiety.
  3. Swear. Maybe scream. Out Loud. Alot. (House or car better than kids' bus stop or work.)
  4. Unabashedly engage in indulgent TV or movies; something that takes us outside of ourselves.
  5. Sing White Stripes"My Doorbell" with energy, anger and drama. If you don't like White Stripes sing something and sing it loud. Rock out. Head banging, hair flipping encouraged.
  6. Eat chocolate.
  7. Eat. More. Chocolate.
  8. Drink wine. Don't worry about what time it is.
  9. Cry, cry, cry.
  10. Engage a close friend who doesn't mind swearing, singing, eating and drinking with you and can truly suspend judgement while you unravel.

You are not alone,


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