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Rock Your (WXRT) Teal One Last Night; Listen to Your Body Every Night

It’s September 30th and it’s the last day (night!) of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to purchase your vintage, WXRT, teal t-shirt (I know I said in my previous blog, “What’s up with the teal?” but this shirt is a classic, simple design and worth it). WXRT is honoring their longtime DJ, Leslie Witt,... Read more »

An Easy Way to Make Someone Feel Special

Tonight, as a Chicago Now Blogger, we had the opportunity to write about “Someone Who Made You Feel Special.” Once a month we have a challenge to receive a surprise topic, write for an hour and publish it without over-thinking it or over-correcting it. I thought about many people in my 44 years who made... Read more »

When Kids Manage Up: Mom's Fashion Faux Pas Morning

Not my best parenting move this past week: It’s 7am. Our family team is working hard to complete breakfast and bust a move to catch the bus. After several parades out into the living room with numerous clothing options, multitude complaints and severe whining, I lost it. I walked into Gigi’s room with her, took... Read more »

White-Knuckle Cancer Moments with White Stripes, Wine and Chocolate

As I write, I know two women who await results on a cancer test. This entry is dedicated to them and to the hundreds–no, thousands–of women and men who are awaiting test results in this moment.  If you know someone who is going through or will go through this agonizing process, please forward this to... Read more »

Teal is Tough but Awareness is Key

I think we got the last straw when it came to picking the color…PINK for breast cancer, RED for heart health, BLUE for prostate cancer…and then there’s.. teal. Teal? I am a four-year ovarian cancer survivor and the only teal clothing I own includes the numerous t-shirts I’ve received over the years from walking in... Read more »