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Odyssey Travels: Easter Bunny Theories

We have an Odyssey van that is our family road trip vehicle. Even when we’re not traveling for vacation, it’s much like a home-on-wheels where eating, singing, arguing and dancing takes place on a daily basis. When the music is turned off, it’s also a wonderful space for conversation and musings by my 4, 7... Read more »

Surround Yourself with the Good

The whole family was in a wedding this weekend! One of the most beautiful, full-of-love, know-it’s-right, kind of occasions. (Unfortunately, I’ve been to a few that didn’t feel that way.) This was an intimate, authentic celebration of love…everyone there was a joy to be with and talk to. It was a great reminder for me... Read more »

Happy St. Patreph's Day - Finding the Middle Ground

Happy St. Patreph’s Day! What a wonderful day to post my first Rest Area entry–March 18th, smack dab in the middle between St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day! Take heart, for those who care about neither–the point of this moves well beyond those saints that come marching through… Nineteen years ago today, my nephew,... Read more »