For far too long Afro-Americans in Chicago have been fed a steady diet of the entitlement doctrine by various people and for various reasons. This has had a crippling effect on our community as a whole. We have been trained to look for something or someone outside of ourselves to assign blame before asking what if anything have we contributed to the challenges that beset us.

The result of this is a belief embedded into our collective psyche that of our own accord we lack the resources and ability to correct our own problems and because of this the lions share of the responsibility to do so belongs to government. In this blog I will challenge and dispel this lie through the examples of  history and various others means to revive in us the spirit of self determination and to prove our condition is a direct result of our willingness to either accept or reject the responsibilities of our freedom.

We are the answer to the prayers of  our yesterday and the architects of our tomorrow.

Walter Mitchell Jr.