The Best Option For Our Vote Is...

The Best Option For Our Vote Is...
Time for a new direction

The best alternative for Afro Americans to the “go nowhere, do nothing for us” Democratic Party and the “do as I say not as I do” Republican Party  is the one we organize ourselves.

Even if you’re content with the one or the other its in your best interest, if you still claim to share the interests of the Afro American community, to support this movement. If for no other reason than it  provides our community the leverage that an independent political powerhouse would bring to the table. It would free us up to support the best legislation of both parties that’s consistent with the best interests of our community and oppose any legislation from either side that isn’t.

It would allow us to construct substantive solutions without the compromise of other special interest concerns that are entangled in both parties that conflict with those solutions. It would be the first step politically of breaking the crippling dependency our community has had and continues to have on government and begin the strengthening process required to build and maintain a strong economic base. It would give us that independent voice nationally and internationally we’re missing and if by chance the Democratic Party interests are more closely aligned with ours then so be it. We can continue voting with them until that’s no longer the case but either way we’ll be much better off.

Where our numbers won’t permit (like national elections) we wouldn’t have to run a candidate. We would still be free to negotiate our interests with either party that’s willing in good faith to form a mutually beneficial alliance. But where our numbers would allow, that’s where we’ll shine. We’ll establish ourselves in those areas and begin the process of re-stabilization that’s long overdue.

Although we are only 14.5 percent of the population we spend over a trillion dollars a year  which expands the power of that 14.5 percent exponentially to one that rivals any who may outnumber us. This is America and our financial base has been used by both the Republicans and the Democrats to empower themselves and those with opposing interests to exercise their will over us through the black mis-leadership class we trust. How about we organize that party to centralize control of that base and use it to empower ourselves going forward?

Now that’s real change I can believe in. How about you? If it’s not your cup of tea I can respect that but please extend that same courtesy to me and miss me with that “wasting my vote” nonsense. I heard somebody somewhere say that if you kiss but long enough you’re going to eventually swallow feces, except not in those words. That’s exactly what It smells like when you say “it’s better to get something than get nothing. Vote Democrat” or “what do you have to lose. Why not vote Republican." I’m not interested in allowing either party to dictate or proscribe the limits of our liberty by packaging them with other conflicting special interest concerns. we've been fighting that battle so long we don't even know where our interests end and theirs begin.

You (the black mis-leadership class and their pundits) are the ones inhibiting our progress by continuing down this dead end trek. Not those of us that recognize the need for a new direction and the futility of playing “next at bat” with the dems and the republicans, only to realize our turn at bat will never come.

Because if we’re being truly honest no Afro American that claims to represent the interests of the Afro American community can pledge allegiance to either party in good conscience because the interests of both parties, more times than not,  conflict with the interests of our community. So when you see or hear the mis-leadership reps towing the party line you can be assured that our interests, if pursued at all, is taking a back seat to the interests of the party and others.

We’re here now. You’ve squeezed about as much juice as you're gonna get out of white guilt.  So stunts like the one that was pulled July 7th of this year on the Dan Ryan wont work anymore, if they ever really did. You’ve cried wolf where there was no wolf just to garner support for your own political aspirations. The chickens you’ve sent out has come home to roost and you’ve made no provisions for them. Trump is in office and gaining momentum and our community is left exposed because you’ve been more loyal to the interests of party’s and others more than you have to ours. Even if the Democrats take back the power as far as our community is concerned it’s the same coin just a different side.

Voting our conscience is our political salvation because there is no sustenance in the fruit of the trees you’ve planted. So the absolute best option for our vote is the one we establish ourselves.

Interests Over Party and Personality, ALWAYS!

Walter Mitchell Jr.

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