Instead Of Marching Lets Try This...

Instead Of Marching Lets Try This...
Not another march please

While watching the Putin-Trump 2018 summit I couldn’t help but notice the lack of representation of Afro Americans in that room. Not to suggest by any means that we have a place there or would want to be a part of this new dysfunctional world order, but our obvious absence nonetheless reminds me of the lack of respect current world leaders have for us. The thought that always comes to mind when I see a gathering of world leaders where Afro Americans represented as an independent body, is absent is “if you don’t have a seat at the table then you’re on the menu,” and that’s disturbing to me and it should be to you also. But I do understand.

Every move we make as a collective, every march or protest we participate in, every alliance we make, every piece of legislation we support, every politician we elect, every single dollar or penny we spend will either empower, increase power or diminish the effectiveness of the power of someone or something. One article suggests that if we (Afro Americans) were a country we’d be the “15th wealthiest nation in the world.” That was based on our buying power at the time the article was written in September 2014. Now just imagine where we would be on that list if we were better organized and active on the international stage. No one would be able to deny us a seat at that table without it negatively affecting their economies while potentially reinforcing our own.

This is what’s missing in our discussions. This is the consideration ignored by the mis-leadership class and overlooked by the march and protest organizers. Every step we take, every decision we make, every dollar or penny we spend should be done so with the consideration that one day we will be recognized as an independent international player, no longer pawns in this real life game of thrones. It has to become real to us that everything we do will either empower us or diminish the effectiveness of our power while strengthening the power of our opponents. We need to understand that it doesn’t matter who sits in what seat where if we exercise ourselves in this consideration. The way we’re being led now actually empowers people, corporations and governmental entities, including law enforcement entities, to oppress us.

There is nothing empowering about changing the face or the color of that face of your opponent. All that does is empowers the person to whom that face belongs and the entity that employs that person while diminishing the effectiveness of our own power. There is nothing empowering about a black face in a high place that petitions government or corporations to create jobs for us which only reinforces our dependency and bankrolls that business. Once again at our expense. If solutions are constructed in a manner that reinforce the existing dependent relationships those conditioned by that dependency will never receive the needed resources to become strong enough to sustain themselves. If the solutions or fixes constructed reinforce that dependency rather than diminish it it can serve no other purpose than to maintain the status quo. Which allows for others, including those who actively oppose us, to become even more powerful at the expense of our diminishing power. And we’ll continue to march at every offense, beg for the sympathy of others and bemoan our own misdeeds.

Although we are only 14.5 percent of the population we spend over a trillion dollars a year  which expands the power of that 14.5 percent exponentially to one that rivals any who may outnumber us.


Instead of Marching Lets Try this.

The strategy of a worthy collective seeking a seat at the table should be to control as much of that 1.3 Trillion dollar buying power as is humanly possible and in a way that empowers itself and its allies to pull themselves up by the strength of that power then to take the seat that it deserves. Anything less would deem us unfit and unworthy of that seat. Leaving the only place left for us at the table is on the menu. Bon appétit.

Interests Over Party and Personality, ALWAYS!

Walter Mitchell Jr.

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