Incompetence On Display For All To See

Incompetence On Display For All To See
The incompetence of leadership on display, once again.

We are so much better than this!

Is there any wonder remaining why we are where we are? 14.5% of the population of America. We spend over a trillion dollars a year in this country and leadership shuts down a major expressway to bring attention to what again? Have we honestly exhausted all of our options (no we haven’t) before resorting to begging and demanding others like infants to give us jobs? To stop the violence committed by our loved ones? To pity us?

This is not the way out of the abyss of dependency but a deeper dive into it. This is not the path to a Wakanda like state. It’s the path to  permanent underclass citizenship. The increasing support of the Trump presidency by main stream America if nothing else is proof that main stream is losing patience for stunts like this and from leaders like these. Have you heard Jeff Session’s speech at the Western Conservative Summit? It’s time for all of us to man up and put on our big boy pants. Fix what we broke, pay our own way and demand better of ourselves and our loved ones.

How many marches of this type have we seen and what substantive results have they brought? The challenges we face going forward under an unsympathetic administration will demand more of us than this and if we fail to rise to the occasion as the men and women that we are, we will regret it and our children will suffer even more for it.

Shutting down the Dan Ryan did nothing but bring attention to just how incompetent our leaders are. As is the leader so goes the group. We are so much better than this!

Interests above party and personality, ALWAYS!

Walter Mitchell Jr.


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