The Hitler Gene

I want to preface the first part of this by stating that this is my opinion only. It’s what I’ve gleaned through my observations. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. That being said, here we go.

It is reported that when asked what’s wrong with the world G. K. Chesterton replied  

Dear Sir, I am. 

Yours, G.K. Chesterton. 

I believe that we all possess what can be understood as a Hitler gene, not literally of course but figuratively. There are potential Hitlers in every country, on every continent and under every system of government. If we actually paid attention we can recognize them in their infancy through our daily social interactions and sometimes we get lucky and catch a quick glimpse of them when we pass a mirror.

From sticks and stones to androids and iPhones the common denominator is man. 

Our inventions and technologies in addition to the purposes for which they were created when in our hands become extensions of who we are and tools of our intentions. But in the hands of human beings everything become extensions of our character and tools of our intentions. We have even weaponized knowledge and use it as such. Have you ever been in bumper to bumper traffic in the merging lane and watched that one car who rather than get in where they fit in, when there’s room, continue to the apex of the merge and onto the shoulder until they finally Bullied their way in? Remember that car is an extension of the personality of the driver and a tool of his/her intentions. 

Now can you imagine that personality in a position of power? I’m not suggesting that this alone is an indication of the likelihood this person if empowered would kill people but I am suggesting they most certainly would if empowered injure their subordinates in some form or another and that they do possess a stronger strain of the Hitler gene. But as already stated depending on our personal constitution, we all do to a greater or lesser degree. The perfect storm of greed, an exaggerated sense of entitlement or divinity, power, a cult like following and opportunity have proven fatal for the opposing subordinates of this personality whether in government, corporations or street gangs. You can kill the man but his motivations, influences and inspirations will find a new candidate and fertile soil in grounds we’ve cultivated and nourished until it re-emerges in its season to fulfill its purpose whereby we’ve (mankind) unwittingly purposed it.

Hitler was our creation and the factory is still very much operational. 

Make no mistake about it we should always and at all times be prepared to defend our interests against these kind within the parameters of the law. Don’t get caught in a normalcy bias thinking the worse can’t or won’t happen because history warns against that. Groups in similar circumstances like our own have found themselves on the wrong side of things when they didn’t take proper precautions to protect themselves at the hint of trouble on the horizon. The holocaust is an example of this and the current crisis at the border is another. Can you honestly say in 2015 that you saw this coming? I can’t (but I’ve always believed even in peace we must fortify and diversify our defenses.) I’m betting you and a lot of others would have bet the farm against it happening only 3 years later because it seemed highly unlikely and it was not on the radar at the time but here we are nonetheless.

Keep an eye on these internment camps, detention and fusion centers, government sponsored tent and tender aged facilities because if things continue as they are even under democrats we will be disproportionately represented there for the slightest of debts and crimes. They have been constructed and expanded for a reason and they existed long before Trump. It is imperative that we tread carefully in moments of crisis such as these we’re watching play out now with the separation and incarceration of families at the borders.

Be mindful of the motives and messages of people given a platform in times of crisis. This is very important because in times like these you’ll frequently find people injecting their agendas into the discussion and you’ll find yourself once again supporting interests that conflict with your own and empowering an opponent rather than an ally on the other end of the crisis. 

As a similarly situated and subjugated group like the Jews of Nazi Germany (except of course that their ancestors weren’t taken there as slaves) it is incumbent upon responsible and competent Afro American, Afro Brazilian, Afro Latino, etc... leadership to take all threats and potential threats against the group and our interests as serious as the Jewish state takes threats against Israel. Even if initially they’re only the size of a mustard seed. (By right though, responsible and competent leadership for every similarly subjugated,  oppressed and suppressed people around the world should follow suit and join the cause.) By chance do you think we’d get the same support from the Trump administration that they give Israel? Of course not. As sad as it sounds we wouldn’t even get the full support of our own community on efforts toward that end because of the mental conditioning inherent in subjugation. Yet even that can’t stop or prevent the furtherance of a people whom providence favors. But we still have to do our part and put in the work. 

A Wakanda minus the fiction is on the horizon and can be realized by the descendants of African slaves when what was forcefully taken from our ancestors is retuned to us by way of a place we will one day call home, our very own Canaan.


Walter Mitchell Jr

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