Slow Down Sista Maxine

The Tribune reported that Congresswoman Maxine Waters “called for the continuing public harassment of Trump administration officials.” (

Did the Congresswoman just put a bullseye on our community?

There is a good portion of Trumps base and allies who view the Congresswoman as the image and voice of the Afro American community. That being said I’m concerned, not because of a potential red wave but for an unprepared and unprotected community that will take the heat for tough talk and react accordingly. Remember we have a president who has made it clear that he supports abusive police tactics, an FBI director appointed by this same president which oversees an organization trying to equate and prosecute Black Nationalists as terrorists and an Attorney General, appointed by this president who the Congresswoman herself has called racists which suggests we won’t get much sympathy from him or his subordinates when we meet them in a court of law where some of the judges are MAGA sympathizers and were appointed by his Congressional allies.

The president’s approval rating is rising which suggests he has the unspoken support of a good portion of main stream America and on the flip side of that coin, the support you assumed you had may not be as substantial as you thought, to say the least. The Congressional Black Caucus and its members for decades having done next to nothing and less than that to protect us from situations such as this should be very careful in what they say and do in such situations that leaves us exposed and potentially targets of his supporters on the ground, in the courts and on the bench. If your Latino colleagues aren’t willing to make such bold statements on behalf of their constituents why are you? We shouldn’t be on the front lines on this situation. Ours should only be a supportive role not the primary players. 

Tread carefully. We have too much to lose leading someone else’s charge and fighting someone else’s battle. 

Interests over party and personalities, ALWAYS!

Walter Mitchell Jr.


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  • Few believe Waters to be a spokeswoman for the black community. You, in fact, are a spokesman. An honest one.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thank you.

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