Russia; The Capital Of White Supremacy

Russia; The Capital Of White Supremacy
The Trump and Putin White Supremacy Alliance

What’s curiously absent from the arguments swirling around this president that has always been a fiery point of contention usually initiated by republicans and their allies are the accusations of a socialist, a socialist sympathizer or a socialist agenda. What’s curious is that this president boldly embrace and support the regimes of socialist and dictators while alienating America’s democratic allies. But not one peep from the old guard which is a little curious. Don’t you think? Well, maybe it’s not that curious after all.

Reportedly on November 16, 2016 Getty Images published a picture of a billboard In the town of Danilovgrad, Montenegro, with a picture of Trump under the American flag next to Putin in front of a Russian flag and a caption that reads, “Let’s Make The World Great Again - Together!” To be clear this is not a Russian city, nor is it a Russian government sponsored billboard. reports that a pro-Serbian movement is responsible for it. Still very Interesting nonetheless.

August 14, 2017 published an article titled, Trump won't condemn white supremacists or Vladimir Putin — and the 2 are closely linked.” According to this article, “An American White supremacist Matthew Heimbach,... told Business Insider...that "Putin is supporting nationalists around the world and building an anti-globalist alliance, while promoting traditional values and self-determination." "I really believe that Russia is the leader of the free world right now," added Heimbach,who was slated to speak at the "Unite The Right" rally.” That would be the same rally in Charlottesville where Trump suggested that there are good people “on both sides.” This article also goes on to report that, “ Preston Wiginton, a (American) white supremacist from Texas who sublets (David) Duke's Moscow apartment when he travels to Russia, has written that his "best friends" in Russia — "the only nation that understands RAHOWA [Racial Holy War]" — are "leading skinheads." Spencer's ties to Russia, which he has called the "sole white power in the world," go deeper.”

Under this new light President Trump’s insistence to establish and normalize relations with Russia while alienating American allies isn’t that surprising at all and the silence of the old guards who during the affordable healthcare debates if not the whole of Obama’s presidency, didn’t hesitate to play the socialist card is also less curious. In fact it clarifies a lot of the odd and illogical behavior of the president and his congressional allies. If it looks like a duck...well, you know the rest.

On June 27th The Washington Post reported, “...Bolton told Putin at the outset of their meeting he hoped Russia and the United States could find “areas where we can agree and make progress together.”” That statement seems a little more disturbing now, doesn’t it? Sept 18, 2017 the website published an article titled, “Why radical racists revere Russia.” In this article Muhammad Fraser-Rahim and Haras Rafiq quote “former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke describing it (Russia) as "the key to white survival." They also report that “Richard Spencer, a prominent white supremacist figurehead,...described the nation as "the most powerful white power in the world.” That kind of explains why Trump chose Bannon, the voice of the white nationalist agenda as his Chief Strategist.

Looking back on the white nationalists and Russians he began his campaign and presidency surrounded by, his remarks on Charlottesville and his attack on Afro American NFL players, it all fits perfectly, like pieces of a swastika jig saw puzzle. The article further reported that, “Assad's rise to popularity among America's neo-Nazis perhaps began when (David) Duke tweeted in support of the Syrian president, describing him as an "amazing leader" and "a modern-day hero standing up to demonic forces seeking to destroy his people and nation." Could this possibly explain Trumps shifting position toward Syria?

 The truth is the ramifications of the power play we’re witnessing here in America has global allies and implications that are contrary to the interests of poor and non white people everywhere. Make no mistake about it people, this is real and a cause for extreme concern. We can no longer afford  irresponsible and incompetent leadership, not that we ever could. It's time for a new direction. no matter how loud they scream we can't vote our way out of this. This is what they should've anticipated no matter how unlikely it seemed. Our community is completely unprepared for a national crisis that would threaten our peace, safety and welfare. Its time we do the hard things and let go of the crutches of excuse. Its not like we have any other viable options. But maybe we need to suffer a little more before we recognize the seriousness of whats before us. Maybe we need to be made to see the flimsiness of those things and people wherein we put all of our trust. 

I'll conclude with a simple warning. Don't think for one minute it can't get any worse because as I write this and as you read it the wheels are already in motion to do just that.

Interests above party and personality, ALWAYS!

Walter Mitchell Jr.


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  • To say Russia, the country, is the capital of white supremacy is the type of rhetoric that will be perceived as over-the-top. Have you ever been there? I can assure you that all races in the Russian country are oppressed equally by their government.

    That holding a meeting with Putin assures that Trump is a racist is equally strange: Putin is a world leader. He met with Un, and are we to suppose that now Trump is Korean-centric? He meets with the Chinese leader; are we to suspect an affinity for Chinese or Asian dominance? He is going to meet with the English PM, and has met with the president of Mexico. Honestly, would you say that Obama has abandoned his "race" by meeting with the Russian PM, which he did, and with Saudi princes, and with hundreds of world leaders of all colors? YOU might not say it, but if you hear some people on the south-side, THEY might -- and have.

    Do you wish a return to the old Cold War, where the US did not meet with these socialists? Like it or not, they are world powers. Few people consider Trump's meeting with a socialist leader suspect and are just keeping quiet because they are dutiful followers.

    The danger African Americans face is not Trump beating up on some millionaire sports jocks -- and the billionaire white bread NFL owners-- but from the daily shootings and killings and nobody giving a crap. Rahm and the feckless aldermen and the paid-for black leaders are more dangerous to the daily lives of black people than some guy with bad orange hair in DC.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    As always Richard I appreciate that you took the time to share your concerns about what you perceive to be over the top rhetoric but it’s anything but that. Breaking it down to its simplest form if as the head of a household of let’s say 6. You are a Christian but not everyone that’s a part of your household is. Even though you may be considerate of their beliefs, to the extinct that your belief is not threatened, for all intents and purposes it is safe to say that yours is a Christian household. As is the leader so goes the group. As is the incompetent and irresponsible mis-leadership class so goes my community as you so often, and rightfully so, point out. I have not been to Russia and I don’t presume to speak on behalf of Russians. Mine is what I believe to be the best perspective for the group of which I am a member.

    As far as guilt by association there is some truth to that but that’s not my position here. I don’t think Trump is a Racist because he meets with racists. I believe Trump is a racists because he acts like one and the implications of too many of his statements suggest that to be the case. My intent in this Article is to suggest an alliance between two powerful elites and racists which threatens the peace and safety of poor and non-white people around the world.

    We’re in agreement on the “feckless alderman and the paid-for black leaders” and the more immediate threat they pose to my community. But please understand Richard we don’t have the luxury of extending the benefit of the doubt to perceived threats. We have to evaluate people, circumstances and information how they present themselves or are presented to us then plan for the worst case scenario while praying for the best.

    That’s what responsible and competent Afro American leadership should do. Better to be prepared and not have to act than to have to act and not be prepared, which is where we are now. I’m sure you can agree with that Richard.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Very well said Richard!

    What’s wrong with supporting and protecting your race? All other races but whites do it.

    The American Indians understood RAHOWA also. Not only against Europeans but against other tribes as well.

    Walter I haven’t been to Russia in 9 years and I haven’t talked to David Duke I almost the same amount of time. There are plenty of blacks who have said more hateful things than Duke. Especially the BLM woman who said blacks must start killing more white babies.

    Walter if Putin is such a white supremacist then why did he put ALL of the Russian white supremacist leaders in jail.

    An article trying to find a bogeyman when if they’d look at themselves and their people they’d find out what the real problem is.

  • In reply to Preston Austin:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond Preston but you haven’t added anything new to Richards point and based on his remarks here and on some of my other posts I don’t think Richard is advocating for RAHOWA. But of course I can’t speak for him.

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