In The End Self-Interests Trump Coalitions

Black Brown CoalitionThe election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States as the chief spokesperson of the Confederates demand our, Afro Americans, attention. Especially considering the history of our skirmishes with the Confederates here in America. Normally it's at this point where people begin to inject the plight of all Americans rather than just Afro Americans into our narrative. Without question the Trump presidency and the rise of the Confederates threatens the agenda of more than just Afro Americans. It also threatens the agenda of many of those with whom the black mis-leadership class have formed a coalition in our name. Even though more times than not because of these ties we find ourselves fighting the battle of minorities that conflict with our own interests. How far do you think feminists will go with us when we begin to withdraw our sons and daughters and proclaim them off limits in their game of thrones? How long do you think the "black/brown" coalition will last when we demand that they afford Afro Latinos the same resources and considerations in Mexico and other Latin countries that they demand here?  My guess is not too long. We've seen firsthand here in Chicago during the Daley administration how quick our Hispanic brethren were to abandon that coalition when it became convenient for them. So how productive can these coalitions really be?

This is not to suggest in any way whatsoever that it's in our best interests to support the confederates. Quite the contrary. We know where we stand with them. We're under no illusions, in spite of the10 point plan, the Omarosa's, the Steve Harvey's, The Don King's and the Dr Ben Carson's. Now I'm not suggesting that we completely abandon the aforementioned coalitions but a renegotiation is definitely in order. That's assuming however that we actually have an agenda worthy of pursuit. Considering our current set of circumstances and where we are today, socio-economically, spiritually and emotionally, I think it's safe to say that the agenda pursued on our behalf up till now is not working out for us. It's time for a new direction.

Let me preface the rest of this by saying if you see the future of Afro Nationals (Afro Americans, Afro Brazilians, Afro Latinos, Afro Europeans, Afro Colombians, etc.,. ) as inextricably linked to the will or destiny of our captors in the lands of our captivity you won't recognize the opportunities provided by providence through time and chance to all indiscriminately. Opportunity presents itself only to those open to it. That being said if the modus operandi going forward is to double down on the bad decisions that got us here, don't expect anything more than what we already have. Moving forward from here will require a new vision and the testicular fortitude to realize it.

Everybody wants to win but very few of us are willing to sacrifice and put forth the effort to do it. How many times have we heard or repeated the statement, Afro Americans helped to build this country or America wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for Afro Americans. Without question I agree with those sentiments probably more than most of the people flying that flag. Yes we've helped to make America great but not just us and not just America. Afro Brazilians helped to make Brazil a great nation. Afro Brits helped to make the British Empire great. Afro Canadians helped to make Canada great. Afro Colombians helped to make Colombia great, Afro Latinos helped to make Mexico, South America, Cuba, etc. great. Yes the sons, daughters, grands and great grands of African slaves and their captors help to make the west and the rest the great powers they are today and a debt is owed.

I know this topic makes a lot of people uncomfortable and that's unfortunate. Almost every country in the world has benefited from the free labor provided by the Atlantic Slave Trade, whether directly or indirectly and those benefits came at the expense of our lives, our health, our families, our culture, our faith and our language. After all we are the only minority's that didn't migrate here of our own free will. Did you really think that food stamps, government programs that foster dependency, voting for a "black" man to be president and a national Afro American museum on the mall settled that debt? I'm speaking here specifically to the black mis-leadership class. At the very least we're owed what was forcibly taken from us. We're owed a place in this world to call our own where we are free to pursue our own interests, form our own identity, determine our own destiny, construct our own language, raise our own families and write our own narratives. To be all that we were intended to be. We can never have that here.

Yet here we are at the precipice of a potentially explosive situation in this country and the world at large with the Confederates empowered and poised to strike. While all the black mis-leadership class has for us is more of the same which ironically is what led to the return to power of the Confederates.

Coalitions by definition are provisional and only productive to the extent interests are shared but where shared interests end self-interests begin. Without question the decision to form alliances with anybody that identified as a minority has weakened our position and done us more harm than good. Leading us down a path to confusion where interests intersect and the lines are blurred. Giving us the false impression that we're fighting on behalf of humanity when in actuality we're fighting other people battles against our own best interests. Alliances are important because truth be told we all want and need the same things but there are those who align themselves together to deprive us of those things due to their own self-interests justified or not. It's in these instances that suitable, strategic alliances are sought. But the challenge here is to find someone headed in the same general direction if not the same destination who's interests align rather than conflict with ours. But the key thing here is where are we headed?

When you consider that our great, great, great,... grandparents stood on the shores of west Africa together in chains to be distributed throughout the west as chattel the choice of alliances should be clear. There are those like us throughout the western region that share those beginnings and are experiencing the same discriminatory treatment as we are to a greater or lesser degree for the same reason of our shared legacy. We can never be all we were intended to be in the lands of our captivity. So if you form alliances with the intent to force a square peg in a round hole you will forever come up short. It takes courage to look beyond the boundaries of captivity and into the possibilities that await us on the other side of this. Courage that we don't hear coming from any of the leading voices of Afro Americans. If it were up to them we would go down with the Titanic, locked in the basement trying to patch up the holes while everybody else grabs a lifeboat.

By Walter Mitchell Jr.

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