Dr King to President Obama: You don't know me.

Dr King to President Obama: You don't know me.
Sir I'm Sorry But You Don't Know Me

Indefinite Detention, Endless Worldwide War and the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act” 

When one considers the whole of his life’s work, suffering and sacrifice to suggest that The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would approve of what this President is doing/has done is absurd as it is equally absurd to suggest that President Obama's ascension is the fulfilling of “The Dream.”

There is no greater contradiction and insult to the memory and life of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr than the image of the first Black President whose hands are soaked in blood taking an oath on the Bible Dr. King supposedly traveled with. The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and President Barack Obama are ideologically worlds apart. The only things these two men have in common besides the obvious is they are both great orators and Nobel Peace Prize recipients. The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr earned it for the things he did on behalf of peace and was continuing to do. While President Obama was given one at the beginning of his first term for what he still has yet to do after winning a second term. Lets be absolutely clear about this.

He Earned It

Under this administration Dr. King would be considered a “Black separatist terrorist” based on his ideology alone according to the ACLU and information they obtained from the FBI. Add to that the indefinite detention under the NDAA and legalized torture supported by this administration and one can conclude that if Dr. King were alive today under legislation signed and supported by this President he could be arrested, sent to another country to be tortured and murdered under the guise of being an enemy of the state as well as being placed on this President's “kill list.” And you say by him “The Dream” is fulfilled? Under his administration we have seen a continuation of decreasing civil liberties, a further divide between rich and poor and a complete disregard for the rights of Afro Americans. All of which Dr. King opposed. Dr. King fought and died for us to have a substantive existence with the full rights of citizenship as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. While this President has continued the push of his predecessors to undermine those rights using national security to cover their misdeeds by suggesting everybody is a potential terrorist  Everybody's a potential terroristwhich supports the ACLU's “Endless Worldwide War” statement mentioned above. And please spare me the distraction tactic about the misdeeds of other administrations because none of them are being compared to the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. None of them are being touted as administrations that fulfilled “The Dream.” This is supposed to be the administration of change. This is supposed to be the administration of transparency and neither of which has materialized much beyond campaign rhetoric, the prosecution of Bradley Manning bares witness to that. So the arguments concerning the misdeeds of prior administrations are irrelevant at this point.

We have non-violent Afro American victims of a failed Drug War incarcerated en mass while the President invokes executive privilege when the “Justice” department was caught distributing over 2000 sub-machine guns into the hands of ruthless drug cartel members while HSBC was only fined 1.9 billion dollars for getting caught laundering drug money and no one went to jail? When they post profits in excess of 20 billion dollars a year that 1.9 billion amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an insult to the Afro American community as a whole as well as all of those non violent drug offenders victimized by this failed war on drugs this President has yet to address. But it's not just HSBC. J.P. Morgan Chase, Wachovia Corp and Citigroup Inc have also been cited for similar misdeeds and no one has been held criminally accountable by this President but he's “fulfilling the dream?” The prior administration outright lied to justify a war with Iraq and estimates range in the hundreds of thousands of those killed in that conflict but no one was prosecuted by the administration of change for war crimes or illegal torture and you compare President Obama to Dr. King? Are you serious?


Before you start clamoring about the health care act he brokered take a few minutes to think about who the real winners and losers are in this fiasco. Much more than the people with preexisting conditions the Insurance Companies are the biggest winners here and the masses are the losers, the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor. Money is forced out of the hands of the masses through a government mandate and into the hands of the few who distributes it out in “managed” portions for services rendered. Money coming in will always exceed that going out because after all they are still a business with shareholders to answer to. It's not about us all carrying our fair share. The individual mandate was about us offsetting the cost so the insurance companies would be off the hook for people with preexisting conditions. One more bill among many and our quality of life is steadily decreasing and the gulf between the “haves” and “have nots” expand. Lest we forget what he did to the Afro American community here in Chicago, that came out en masse to elect him in 2008, during the last Mayoral race when the Afro American community was trying to come together to pick a candidate to run for Mayor he supports Rham instead. Yea I know he didn't come out and say it but he didn't object to the commercial Rham ran either where he appears to endorse him, as if we couldn't see through that betrayal. Yet you equate him to Dr. King? Negro Please!

See, the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was not a perfect man, if we are to believe the account of some of those that were close to him, he had his flaws as we all do, nevertheless no one can question his love for Afro Americans specifically and all of Gods children as a whole. Because he didn't just spit rhetoric, his actions were consistent with his words and he put his life on the line consistently to prove it. When asked by a reporter should he change his position against the war because of the toll it took on his reputation and finances Dr King responded, “Sir, I’m sorry you don’t know me. I’m not a consensus leader....a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus...” I believe if he were alive today based on his uncompromising, nonconformists disposition, if he managed by divine intervention to escape this Presidents kill list and his minions I believe he would look this President in the eyes and say to him as he said to that reporter, “Sir I'm sorry you don't know me.” 

This post is not about blaming the President for the woes of Afro Americans, But it is about protecting and preserving the memory and legacy of a true Afro American hero. Like it or not there is a clear distinction between the politician and the martyr, between the political rhetoric and The Dream and there is no divine connection between the two.


Actually there was a character in Django played by Samuel L Jackson (oh yes I'm going there) that more closely resembles President Obama as it concerns the interests of Afro Americans and his name was Stephen. I see more similarities there than I do between him and Dr. King, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey or any of our other hero's he's been compared to. 

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