Fast and Furious Put Guns In The Hands Of Criminals But You Want Me To Surrender Mine?

Fast and Furious Put Guns In The Hands Of Criminals But You Want Me To Surrender Mine?






First I want to offer my condolences to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, including the survivors. May God bless and strengthen you all.

I'm not going to exacerbate a sensitive subject nor add insult to injury by using the deaths of 26 people, mostly children, to advance a position. Instead I'm going to bring the discussion home, right here in Chicago, Illinois.

Teen charged with shooting near Chicago police headquarters.

The average person in the Afro American community when they read this headline will focus on the tool, the gun, rather than the bad behavior of the individual using it. But it's not surprising when we have prominent Black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson Sr. blaming the gun manufactures rather than, in this particular case, Demarquez Nelson, the alleged gunman. No, this is not about the value we place on a White life vs a Black one. Nor is it about the negative images portrayed in the media of us. This is about the hypocrisy of the anti gun advocates right here.

Recently a federal appeals court ruled Illinois ban on conceal carry was unconstitutional and WVON was abuzz. As expected some of the callers were in favor and some opposed. But what really strikes me as odd is that those who oppose it do so at the expense of the innocent. But maybe it's really not all that odd. With the prevalence of gangs, illegal guns and drugs in our community we all know someone or know of someone entangled in “dat life.” It's very reasonable to assume that a lot of the opposition to conceal and carry may be predicated on kinship rather than ideology regardless of what they say on the radio or share in social media. Conceal and carry for a lot of parents could possibly threaten the life of a child who they know is involved in illegal activity but look the other way. How many times have we heard a mother who's child was accused of a heinous act of violence, swear by light that her child wouldn't do that and it turned out they actually did? Add to that the all too common, “let me hold sumthin nephew” request for financial assistance that this violent behavior provides to their unprincipled kin. The truth of the matter is that there are far too many of us who are partially invested in the wayward behavior of our loved ones to compel them to stop. Yet we holla foul when someone injures them. To protect them we spare no expense even though that means adding insult to the injured by opposing their right to defend themselves. It would be a completely different thing if rather than embracing the malign behavior of your loved ones you actually discouraged it or took their guns and turned them in. But you wont do that. You just want the courts and the state to deny my request for conceal and carry to protect my family. That’s completely unacceptable.

That being the case those of us negatively affected by the violent behavior of your loved ones and your unwillingness to properly address it are left with no recourse other than to protect ourselves from them and you too. No you may not have pulled the trigger but your acceptance of their lifestyle combined with the lies you tell to protect them equally threatens the lives of my loved ones. So if you really want to protect your loved ones from conceal and carry advocates, turn in their illegal guns and if they committed a violent crime turn them in too before asking me to surrender mine.





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