Bad People Will Do Bad Things

Bad People Will Do Bad Things
Absent a gun they will use a knife. Absent a knife they will use a stick...

Jesse Sr. say's that because there are more gun shops than there are Starbucks, it's easier to get a gun than it is to get a cup of coffee...Really Jesse?


My Facebook response to a friend....

Consider for a moment two households in an urban environment living on the same block under the same economic conditions both possessing a gun. One uses that gun responsibly and the other irresponsibly. What makes the difference?

Without going into the extended analysis.....The difference between the two households is the relationship between the individual and the gun. One uses it as a tool of defense and the other as a tool of offense (something that outrages the moral or physical senses).

No doubt many of you will call into question the circumstances surrounding these differences based on this brief analysis......but suffice it to say that the conditions surrounding the relationship of the individual to the tool notwithstanding their excuses.......can easily be disposed of with this statement, absent the gun they will get a knife, absent a knife they will get a stick because murder is not the property of inanimate objects but of the person using them.

There are no guns in the hands of prison inmates but people are still being murdered with whatever crude instruments the offenders can create.

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