A Community Of Me, Mine and More For Me

A Community Of Me, Mine and More For Me

The interrelated structure of power and group dynamics suggests that the most urgent issue is not who we elect to what position but how well we get along with one another. The reason for this is that attitudes of individual members of a group are prescribed by the interactions between individuals within the group and will either positively or negatively affect the total group synthesis which determines the overall effectiveness of the group. To put it simply how you treat me determines how I feel about us and how strong we are.

I was made aware of an incident recently where one of our own had to purchase a village sticker to satisfy a ticket. When this individual attempted to purchase one at the window of the village hall another one of our own, a village employee, asked “why didn’t you buy one on time,” and began to reprimand the individual looking to purchase the sticker. Then the individual looking to purchase the sticker said to the abusive village employee “I’m here to purchase the sticker not to be interrogated.” The village employee then said with an attitude, “hold on” and walked away from the window. Shortly thereafter a White woman approached the window and politely asked “how can I help you?” The individual looking to purchase the sticker explained I got a ticket for no village sticker and I want to purchase one, what do I need to do?” Without any attitude, sarcasm or obvious contempt she explained what was needed was to pay the price of the sticker plus the fine and that was it. No unnecessary questions, no harm, no foul.

At the core of all of our woes, the burdens we carry and the hardships we endure is how we treat one another. What I do affects you and what you do affects me which in turn affects us all.  Along with this the reality of our intertwined existence suggests that our environment is also modified by these interactions. How we treat one another directly influences such environmental maladies as the crime rate, the lack of available opportunities, the path of decadence and insolence our youth are on and the deplorable conditions we live in. Instead of building we tear down and instead of nurturing we neglect. We have become to our own peril a community of “ME” at the expense of “WE” and it’s all a direct result of the hate, indifference and utter contempt with which we treat one another for no acceptable reason. Without question or qualification this has to stop.

Consider for a moment the effects of a simple “good morning.” From that simple “good morning” in the realm of the unconscious moral margins are introduced that would discourage willful offenses. It’s harder to take the parking space of someone with whom we are amicable after they have shoveled out of one. I know that to some of you something as simple as a heartfelt “good morning” seems insignificant and trivial but it’s not because in that heartfelt “good morning” are the seeds of raw unadulterated power.  Let me explain. That heartfelt “good morning” if received in the same spirit as it was offered initiates an amicable relationship, establishes a bond and over time if nurtured properly secures an ally. Now multiply that by the amount of people living in your community and you can begin to see a very powerful force emerging from the “insignificant and trivial.”

Now to be sure, without an acceptable degree of civility and cooperation between members of a group there can be no peace. It’s unrealistic to expect a community of individuals that show no concern or respect for the person and property of those living beside them to understand the concept of “a greater good.”

What seems to elude black leadership, their cronies, the pundits and those who press the urgency of the vote above all else is that a splintered, dissociated and hateful people are their own oppressors.  Any community that would legitimize the code of criminals  at the risk of their own safety and welfare has clearly lost their way and would benefit more from the selfless guidance of those willing to serve at their own expense rather than those wanting to be served at the expense of others.





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