The Closing Of The Austin YMCA & The Vision Of Tomorrow

The Closing Of The Austin YMCA & The Vision Of Tomorrow

“We heard about it on Oct 1,...we feel disrespected and we feel like were being abandoned,...” (Pastor Steve Epting)


No institution essential to the survival, health or welfare of any group should be funded by outside sources to the extinct that if that funding is withdrawn the institution would cease to exist. That being said, here we go again. Don't misunderstand my concerns I do understand the actions by the leaders of this protest I just don't agree with them. In the Miseducation of the Negro Carter G. Woodson wrote, “If the Negro...must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto.” At some point we have to begin extracting ourselves out of this rut of dependency. We have to stop begging other people to do for us what we must do for ourselves. If we fail to do this then the sufferings of our past will pale in comparison to the inevitable indignities of our future. Right now we are headed toward a financial cliff, what the Washington Post called sequestration, a $1.2 trillion cut across the board in government disbursements. It does not matter who wins this election there will be a $1.2 trillion cut across the board over the next 10 years and guess who will likely suffer the most because of it?


Because we have allowed ourselves to become so dependent upon the gifts and funding of others to the extinct that we are completely unprepared for the fallout there is no other way out than through more suffering and sacrifice. But all is not lost because in the closing of the YMCA is a greater opportunity with unlimited promise for those with the vision to see it and the courage to accept it. We have a chance to take control of our own destiny. Lets build and fund our own boys and girls center for Austin and all the rest of our communities that need them. No. Im not talking about petitioning Oprah, Cosby, Jordan or Magic. Nor am I talking about begging the government, corporations or any of the many philanthropic groups that currently fund most of our educational institutions for anything. I'm talking about through our own effort. Through our own blood, sweat and tears. If habitat for humanity can do it so can we and we need to do this by ourselves more than we are willing to admit. Its a matter of our integrity, dignity and pride. Within our community we have the architects, the engineers, the contractors, the labor and the financial resources we need to make this happen. We just have to show them we mean business by raising enough money to initiate the conversation.


I know how all of this sound. Especially to a people who have become dull of hearing because of the empty promises from many outstanding speakers, preachers, and politicians. I know it seems impossible but that is exactly why we have to do it. It is nice to be told that we are descendents of Kings, Queens and conquerors and reminded about the wonderful things our ancestors have accomplished in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances. That's all well and good but at the end of the day what have we done to make future generations of Afro Nationals proud to have descended from us? Or even to really be proud of ourselves? The future belongs to those who plan for it today and the rest will feed off of their table tomorrow.









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