Are We Really That Far Gone?

Are We Really That Far Gone?

As I listen to Black talk radio from SiriusXM to WVON I'm left baffled and angry. I refuse to believe we are that far gone. Where is the consistency? We say one thing and do the opposite. Example, when someone calls in to ask what has President Obama done for us (Afro Americans), with only a very few exceptions, the host and the overwhelming majority of callers are quick to rebuke and condemn them as lazy S.O.B's who need to get off of their buts and do it for themselves. Then they remind the caller that he's not the President of Black America he's the President of all America. Now in the above example replace President Obama with Mayor Emmanuel and they're whole tone changes. People start talking about boycotting Christmas, marching, sit-ins and suddenly Pandora's Box is opened and the do for self doctrine is conveniently tossed aside. But why? It seems that in the minds of a portion of our community the success or failure of the first “Black” President is inextricably tied to the success or failure of Afro Americans but nothing can be further from the truth.


The success or failure of any group is determined not by the accomplishments or failures of the individual (no one part is more important than the whole). Rather by the advances toward a goal in the quality of life of its masses. The Civil Rights Movement was successful because it set goals and advanced the quality of life for the masses of Afro Americans toward that end. A case in point would be the Bus Boycott of Montgomery, Alabama. Prior to the boycott segregation on public transportation was the law of the land. An uneasy peace between the parties involved was maintained. But this imperfect arrangement caused Afro Americans in Montgomery distress, the loss of their self respect, the denial of they're civil rights, financial losses as well as the loss of they're personal freedom if they refused to respect that peace. But by the time it was all over segregation in public transportation had been overturned, Afro Americans in Montgomery regained their self respect, secured they're civil liberties, and held on to they're money. They were rejuvenated and given a new outlook on life. This my friends is what success looks like. Yet they did not have to cast one vote in this campaign to achieve that end. Pretty impressive isn't it?


Fast forward to today and unfortunately the machinations of leadership is such that they teach us to place all of our hopes into the vote . Then prior to an election where one of their own or fav's is running they pull out all the stops to rally the Black vote. Whipping the electorate into a frenzy with loaded rhetoric and senseless platitude's such as, “by not voting you are in effect voting for the opponent." And the average caller not realizing that that's a two sided coin repeats it with the conviction of a prophet then set's out to proselytize the rest of us infidels.  Then after they're candidate has won they tell us, now the responsibility is ours to make sure he/she does what they said they would do and then they fold up their tents and retreat back under the rock they crawled out from under. Tragic isn't it? But wait,... to add insult to injury they say our ancestors died for our right to vote and try to shame us into supporting they're candidate. Please understand one thing, in spite of the conviction with which they spew these lies and manipulate the truth to fit into they're agenda our ancestors did not fight and die for our right to vote. They fought and died for what that vote represented which is our God given right to self determination by any means necessary. I dare say that if our ancestors could see how they're sufferings were being used to inhibit rather than pursue our own self interests they would denounce the vote and proclaim our right to self determination above and beyond any politician, political party or the boundaries and borders within which others would have us to operate.


Do you realize that we are more dependent on others today than we were during slavery? The sad truth of the matter is that every success of The Civil Rights Movement was accomplished outside of the vote. Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Oklahoma existed and thrived independent of the vote, we even won the right to vote without casting one vote. So at what point did the vote become the be all end all of our existence? For many years prior to the enforcement of our Constitutional right to vote we had avowed racist with a clear agenda that conflicted with our best interest yet we survived and overcame. The segregationist in Montgomery, Alabama was ardent in their opposition against the boycott yet it succeeded, once again without one vote. So why the fear tactics and the dooms day scenario in this election? Sadly when we picked up the vote we laid down something much more valuable, our sense of community and self reliance. In an effort to make history this generation of Afro Americans settled for a Black face in a high place over substance. So yes we have made history as the most gullible generation of Afro Americans to give they're vote away and demand nothing in return.


The vote is nothing more than a tool in the arsenal of a healthy community, a crutch in the hands of a distressed one and hope in the hands of the truly pathetic.

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