10 Things I Learned from This Season’s Orange is the New Black.”

Yes, I did watch all 13 episodes of Season 3 of Orange is the New Black over three days, and it was awesome.  Despite the season opener where series star Piper (Taylor Schilling) is once again bamboozled by her paramour Alex Vause the season did introduce a lot of new twists and turns and some great backstory on the inmates of Litchfield Prison.  My only regret is that we have to do a prison drama to bring so much diverse talent to the small screen.  Come on Hollywood!

Everybody’s Got a Story 

No matter how the inmates came to be in Litchfield they all had dreams and plans and skills that didn’t include being in jail.  This season we learn more about the backstories of Taystee, Lorna, Crazy Eyes, Sister Ingalls, Black Cindy and Ms. Rosa

We Like Scary Women

Nice to see veteran actress Lorraine Toussaint as part of the cast of Netflix‘s dramedy.  Vee is one scary inmate, who goes OG on everyone in claiming her turf. Crazy Eyes, Uzo Aduba, continues to be a scene-stealer who offers some cringe inducing moments as Vee’s ‘muscle’. Spoiler alert!  Highly unlikely Vee makes it to Season 3.

Taystee and Poussey Are Awesome

Danielle Brooks and Samira Wiley, Taystee and Poussey respectively, are awesome actresses who make you feel them in their roles.  Brooks and Wiley have been friends since their school days, and this season you can feel the connection as they take diverging paths inside the walls of Litchfield.

Silence Has Golden Pipes

Annie Golden plays Norma Romano, the mute sidekick of Kate Mulgrew’s “Red” Reznikov.  She conveys a lot with her facial expressions and I hope we learn why she is 'mute’ soon.  She did surprise everyone with a solo during last season’s Christmas pageant and now I learned she  was in a 70’s group called The Shirts.  Check her out here Hang Up The Phone

Inmates Have Character Too

Despite becoming pregnant by Litchfield Corrections Officer (CO) John Bennett,  Dayanara Diaz remains true to her principles and demands her ‘baby daddy’ do the same.  They are in love after all and she’ can’t bear the thought of  going through with the scheme cooked her by her mother and to place the blame on someone else.  Diaz, played by Dascha Polanco and Bennett, played by Matt McGorry have a lot to figure out and some unlikely allies in keeping a lid on the truth.

Say It With A Smile

Our favorite religious zealot Pennsatucky, Taryn Manning, tries to make amends and in the process ends up in a lesbian affair.  How does that happen!  But my girl gets a new set of teeth, courtesy of the state of New York.  I ain’t hating on a girl for trying to get her smile right.

I Take My Humility with a Side of Penis

Assistant Warden Figueroa, Alysia Reiner, has much to atone for this season.  Namely her lousy management style and neglect of the prisoners, all in pursuit of helping her husband win a congressional seat.  But she is in for some rude awakenings about her job and her marriage and Piper plays a hand in helping her find her way out of Litchfield.

Asian Girls End Up in Jail Too

Kimiko Glenn, joins the cast as Brooke Soso, the second Asian inmate, after the ‘bookmaking’ ‘let’s bet on anything Chang.  Soso is a young activist who, after not finding prison conducive to her organic lifestyle, leads a few inmates in a hunger strike.  Glenn has a hilarious scene with one of the prison’s in resident lesbians, Nicky, and can’t stop chattering through some very intimate moments.

Counselor Healy Support Group

Prison Counselor, George Healy, needs to make amends for his actions that almost got Pennsatucky killed last season, so in addition to getting her new teeth, he sets up a support group offering the inmates a ‘safe place’ to share and get snacks.

Over-The-Hill Inmates

Don’t mess with Litchfield’s Golden Girls.  After Red assembles a new “old crew” they create their own bartering system using the prison greenhouse.  And they are not above ‘shanking’ one of the inmates in pursuit of their empire.  On the bad side we see how the elderly are dismissed from the system when they have the most need.  OITNB is not without social commentary.


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