Current Time: 2:30 a.m.

Location: Chicago (yay!)

Number of hours of sleep: 10 (woohoo! I'm off today!)


Random Person A,B and C:  "Ooh, how do you like being a flight attendant?"

Me: It's cool.

Random Person A,B and C:"Where are you based?"

Me: O'Hare.

Random Person A,B and C:"Do you get to fly for free?"

Me: Sometimes.

After someone asks me about my occupation or sees me in the uniform, the above are the most frequently asked questions that follow. On the days when I've had only three, maybe four of hours of sleep, also above are the short answers they will get.

My longer answers will be revealed as I write and in many instances, after I've gotten a decent amount of sleep. And so, for starters while working in the air is cool, most of the fun and adventure happens when I'm on the ground and out of uniform. However,  since this is where I'm based, all of it begins and ends in Chicago.

As you join me on my journey, here's a bit of background:

Two years ago after living in Atlanta and working as a marketing professional for over a decade, I decided I wanted less stress and more travel. So, I ditched the career, moved to Chicago and became a domestic flight attendant for a major U.S. airlines. While it’s not even remotely as glamorous nor as financially lucrative as I hoped (low pay, multiple domestic flights in a single day with short layovers after 13 hours of work), I do get to travel a bit more in my off time if there’s a open seat.Plus, I really enjoy living in Chicago. When I’m not sleep or being sent out of town at a moment's notice, I’m exploring the city, finding cool things to do and attempting to meet new people.

In this blog, I chronicle my tales as a single, 30-something flight attendant, a Chicago newbie and a standby travel addict who’s still learning to adjust to a lifestyle of constant transition characterized by an ever-changing work schedule and frequent bouts of insomnia. I also hope to share with you my amazing experiences, lessons learned along the way and a few good tips for maintaining sanity if you can relate to having a life of non-stop unpredictably.

Or if you can't relate and just want to know how I'm living, that's cool too!


Welcome Aboard!

Please feel free to send me questions and comments to me at fearlessbliss@gmail.com