Passengers Outraged Over New Emotional Support Animal Policies

Passengers Outraged Over New Emotional Support Animal Policies

The following letter is based on a compilation of actual experiences by numerous passengers regarding their emotional support animals (mixed in with a bit of creative fiction...).



Dear Spirited American Delta, 

Binky and I have decided that we are never flying your wretched airlines ever again. Despite my reassurances to the gate agent that he was not poisonous and well trained, they still would not let me and my Emotional Support Spider (ESS) board the plane.  He made it past TSA and was on a leash,  so my ESS was obviously not a security threat.

Your airlines ruined a special occasion as Binky and I were going to celebrate my cousin Elisa's wedding in Royal Oak, Michigan. Since she and her husband met at a pet shop where I bought Binky last year, I thought it would be appropriate if he a sat on the Reverend's shoulders as the couple exchanged their vows. 

That didn't happen.

Furthermore,  I almost missed the wedding completely since I had to take Binky all the way back across town to Loca Park where I live. It then took me a half day to find a sitter for Binky. I even had to buy a new ticket!

I was an emotional wreck for the entire 30-minute flight and it was made worse by the fact that I could not have my precious Binky with me. The blind guy in row 12 had his comfort rabbit AND a dog. I saw several passengers with live chickens in their backpacks boarding the plane as well.

In the next few weeks, you'll be receiving a letter from my lawyer.  We will be requesting $25,000 in punitive damages for this unfair new policy of yours. But, I may be willing to accept unlimited roundtrip tickets instead. 

Either which way, you're wrong and you suck!


MaryBethLou Shepard


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