Exit Doors and Diversions: A Few Updates

In my last post three or four months ago, I alluded to life chapters beginning and ending. Since then, the pages have been turning so fast that I haven't had the interest nor energy to blog. Today, I've finally have had an opportunity to slow down and write more about what I vaguely mentioned in April:

My ending and the new beginning is that I'm currently a very long "Crew Rest" of sorts. No, I didn't get fired. I didn't quit, I'm just taking a break for the remainder of the year.

Technically, I'm still a flight attendant, but I'm doing other things to earn money.  Yes, another flight attendant perk is that we can change things up and keep our flight benefits.

So what does this mean for my blog?

I dunno yet.

I'm still evaluating. I haven't' been writing but I may pick it back up. Four years ago I started this blog about flight attendant life as a new hire and Chicago newbie. Doing so was fun and helped me stay sane while being on Reserve.  Having lived here for quite some time now, I'm not sure if I can even consider myself new anymore.  I'm not even working on a plane or even doing much leisure traveling. I also moved out of my part-time place in Mexico.

not really....

I admit, it feels good to be stationary with a bit more routine. But I'm well aware my wanderlust is a chronic condition that's just dormant at the moment. It will flare up and eventually, I'll be jumping on a plane for a quick run out of state or country.

But, no matter the location or the occupation, I'm still living, learning and laughing with the hope to educate, entertain and inspire with my writing.

So, why did I take a break?

Wise flight attendants know that at some point in their careers, an island vacation to recover from a grueling travel season doesn't do the trick. A month-long break doesn't even cut it. You get stressed out at just the thought of packing and schlepping luggage to the airport because greeting your arrival will be weather delays, passenger shenanigans and crazy crew members.

On the plane, your patience evaporates at a rapid rate. You realize you're only a few more trips away from either cussing out the crew desk, blowing a slide, or slapping a passenger. Things can end badly with a trip to HR with a mention on the evening news as a bonus.

photo credit: Matthew Henry

That's when it's time to take a break. And you have no interest in blogging about it.

I'm never going out like that. I'm not quitting either. I'm just pausing to regroup. In the meantime,  I'm working as an office temp with 9 to 5 hours like a normal person.

There's the possibility I could write about office shenanigans such as the meetings about the meetings and tips for managing monotony.

I'll figure it out sooner or later. In the meantime, stay tuned by clicking here to subscribe to my blog.

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