Another Mexican Sunset on an Unusually Chilly Night


I've been doing this quasi-dual residency living for about a year and a half now. To my surprise, it's starting to bore me and I'm not sure why...

For those who follow my posts, you may have remembered that a while back I decided to make Mexico my home when I'm not on duty and flying in Chicago. In theory, it sounded awesome and for the most part it has been. For the first time ever,  I'm able to afford to live within walking distance of a beach. It's been a nice refuge and a blast to host my friends, practice my Spanish and eat unlimited tacos for less than five dollars.  I've made a few amazing friends and have had countless wonderful experiences. I've whale-watched, paddleboarded, hiked and snorkeled.

But lately, I've been a bit lonely in paradise. True, my days here are intended to be in solitude and quiet but sometimes, I'm overdosing on solitude.

Plus, over the past few months, despite the cold weather, I've for some reason have gotten more attached to Chicago. I've been making friends in the city and my funky schedule hasn't allowed me to get enough days off for a substantial stint in my favorite little Mexican city.

To top it all off, it's been unusually chilly here in Mexico.

Today it was *dramatic pause*


*gasp and whispers of surprise here*

Not cool, Mexico, not cool at all.

Get it together.

But before anyone jumps to conclusions that I've already considered, my love affair with Mexico isn't quite over but it's on shaky ground.

I'm thinking about other places and where to next. Perhaps I'll spend more time with Chicago.

Or perhaps there's another sun-filled destination that's non-stop and a few hours away from base.

To be continued...


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