The Circumcised Pilot

The Circumcised Pilot

During our pre-boarding briefing, the captain had a joke he wanted to share with the crew.

"It's a bit off color so you have to promise not to report me," he said.

"That depends on how funny it is," I replied, fully aware that pilots only have off color jokes.

There was this guy, let's call him Steve. Steve was retiring early from the Air Force. During his time there, he was one of the top pilots. He received numerous awards and commendation medals.

Since he had a lot of working years ahead of him, Steve decided that he wanted to be a commercial airlines pilot for [name you least favorite airlines here]. So he applied and went through the interview process. He passed every interview round with flying colors. Everyone loved him.

After the interview on his way out, even the Chief pilot pulled him aside and shook his hand. "Steve, it was great meeting you, we're looking forward to having you on our team."

So basically, the job was his.

Steve went home and told his wife about the interview. "They said I should here something in about a week," he said excitedly.

One week passed and Steve hadn't heard anything.

Two weeks...still nothing.

Three weeks!

Finally, Steve couldn't take it anymore. He called up his HR contact Julie.

"Oh Hi Steve!" Julie said enthusiastically. "Yes, I remember you. Hold on a sec, let me grab your file."

A few minutes later, Julie came back to the phone.

"Steve," she said, her voice filled with concern. "I'm looking at your file right now and it're circumcised?"

"Umm, yeah" Steve said completely baffled.

"I'm sorry, but here at ________ Airlines, we only accept complete dicks!"


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