Exit Doors and Diversions: A Few Updates

In my last post three or four months ago, I alluded to life chapters beginning and ending. Since then, the pages have been turning so fast that I haven’t had the interest nor energy to blog. Today, I’ve finally have had an opportunity to slow down and write more about what I vaguely mentioned in April: My... Read more »

Why I Haven't Been Blogging...

I haven’t written a blog post since January – Wait, I take that back. I haven’t published a blog post since January. I wrote a hilarious one about emotional support animals and then things got a bit too real so I decided it wouldn’t be appropriate nor timely to post last month. Maybe one day I will post... Read more »

Another Mexican Sunset on an Unusually Chilly Night

I’ve been doing this quasi-dual residency living for about a year and a half now. To my surprise, it’s starting to bore me and I’m not sure why… For those who follow my posts, you may have remembered that a while back I decided to make Mexico my home when I’m not on duty and... Read more »
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In 2018, I'll blog more (maybe)

If the recent incident involving feces smeared in the lav didn’t phase you, let me remind you that planes are gross. The plane cleaners when they’re lucky, have ten minutes to clean an entire airplane before the next flight. They’re not deep cleaning carpets, sanitizing seats or frequently wiping down lav walls – Well, they might if... Read more »

Perverts On A Plane: Flight Attendants Dealing with Sexual Harassment

As a flight attendant, it isn’t surprising that I, too, have had my fair share of inappropriate behavior and comments by both passengers, male co-workers (specifically pilots and male flight attendants). They’ve ranged from creepy stares to unnecessary comments about my appearance, body parts and (gag) uniform. But, I’ve never allowed it to rattle me much.... Read more »

Flight Attendant Seeks Facebook App Restraining Order

Last month, Facebook felt compelled to notify me that I finally acquired over 1,000 friends. As balloons and confetti blipped across my iPhone screen, my insides frowned. So what, was my first thought. I definitely don’t have a 1,000 friends in real life because if I did, I wouldn’t be sitting at home on a... Read more »

Meanwhile Back In Chicago...

Instead of blogging, I’ve been busy editing books, hanging out in Mexico and flight attending as needed to pay the bills. Pastimes have included packing and re-packing for travel to Africa and Europe while catching up with family, friends and overdue doctor’s appointments. I just left the rainy season in Mexico and now back in... Read more »

Hurricanes, Heat Waves and Racism: Flight Attendant Philosophy on a 4-day trip

For the past four days, I’ve been zigzagging across the country flight attending (I know that’s not a real term, but it’s now in my vocabulary). Although far away from the catastrophic floods of Houston, I lucked up and got a fifteen-hour layover in Sacramento that felt like a dry sauna due to a record-breaking... Read more »

I Don't Really Like Football Anyways...

I Don't Really Like Football Anyways...
The last NFL game that I’m probably ever going to go to was last year around my birthday. A friend of mine had a couple of tickets and invited me along. The seats were great but the game was still boring. The only thing I liked was the close up view of the men in... Read more »

@##!% Delay: A Flight Attendant Rants

I had to eat before I write this post because my hunger compounded with a extra heap of annoyance would have created a seething, hangry rant about my current situation. The hunger is gone but I’m still annoyed because today, I signed up for a red-eye flight that would have me back from the west coast by 2 a.m.... Read more »