Layover Life: London

Blogger’s note: I wrote this back in the spring when it was still raining non-stop in London. Nevertheless, it’s still a good layover life story to share… —– It had been a while since I created my own adventure and was long overdue when I picked up a red-eye flight to London with a 24-hour layover. Although still jet... Read more »

Why Summer Air Travel Season Sucks

Summer travel is in full swing. It’s great for you, but sucks for me. Lately, the planes are either too hot or too cold. They’re extra crowded, extra messy and extra loud thanks to all the kids on board. Side rant to parents: Either mute the volume on your kid’s iPad or get them some headphones! The... Read more »

The Circumcised Pilot

The Circumcised Pilot
During our pre-boarding briefing, the captain had a joke he wanted to share with the crew. “It’s a bit off color so you have to promise not to report me,” he said. “That depends on how funny it is,” I replied, fully aware that pilots only have off color jokes. —- There was this guy,... Read more »

10 Ways Flight Attendants Annoy Each Other

There’s several lists already written by flight attendants about annoying things passengers do. But surprisingly, my fellow crew members can sometimes be worse than the passengers. In flight attendant world, the name of the game to keeping a flight running smoothly is teamwork. And dear readers, worse than an obnoxious passenger is a lazy or... Read more »

Why Morgan Parker's Poetry Is More Beautiful Than Beyonce

From Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois to Phoenix, Arizona and then back again. A thirteen and a half hour duty day. Six hours of sleep. None of that mattered because just this past weekend it was a Friday spring evening in Chicago and I was home before sunset! Shaking off exhaustion and my aversion to groups of people,... Read more »

Because It's Way Easier to Watch Netflix instead of Write...

Yesterday, I officially launched my ghostwriting and book editing website. It’s my side hustle that I’ve been working on for quite sometime now. As a writer and a flight attendant, I think I have the best of both worlds at this moment in my life. I do two of the things that I love to... Read more »

A Day In My Life...

Q: Ooooh flight attendant! Must be so exciting! What’s it like?  A: We’ll each day is different but my last one went like this…  (No, verbally, I  don’t really answer this question with such detail. The short answer I give if I even give an answer t is “oh, it can be unpredictable” or “great, but tiring... Read more »

My tips and tricks for getting fit while traveling

When I first met Brenda, a fellow flight attendant that I liked, homegirl was tiny. A self proclaimed health nut and gym rat, she loved workout pictures of herself in a sport bra and tights on Facebook. Still a new hire and only three months in, she shared with me that enjoyed traveling around the... Read more »

Now That It's Settled...

Passengers assaulted. Gate agents assaulted. Flight attendants harassed. And now, an expensive pet dies in transit. Geez. It’s been a rough few decades month for the industry and airplane travelers. Despite the millions that have made safely and on time to and from their destinations, there’s quite a few  that didn’t. Lately, their stories have... Read more »

When Flight Attendants Date: An Interesting Recipe For Adventure

When Flight Attendants Date: An Interesting Recipe For Adventure
Spring break travel is finally starting to wind down. I just have to now survive the Easter holiday rush! Before it begins though, I’ve been lucky to get a couple of weeks off and run away to Mexico again. Yes, I seem to always be in Mexico lounging on some hammock, but really I do work. So... Read more »