I’ve had a revelation, and we’re going back to basics

I’ve had a revelation, and we’re going back to basics

Good morning!

So I recently started reading the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. I highly recommend it.

Funny Fact: I bought this book 10 years ago. However, I never read it. It's funny that a decade later, I find myself in a different bookstore, near the self-help section, found the same book, looked at the same beautiful picture of the author on the back, felt a wash of familiarity, and then thought, "I'm gonna buy this!"

I suppose that plays right into the discussion I recently listened to on Radiolab of whether Free Will is actually free? Sigh.

And as I've been reading, tons of useful information has come out. This morning, while riding the Metra, I reached page 77, where Gretchen talks about starting her blog. She started by posting 6 days a week, and she offered an example of her initial post.

I used to post a lot more, and it got me to thinking why I don't now, and I've never thought it was a time thing, although that's what I've told myself. It also hasn't escaped my attention that I became less enthused with my writing ( both the process and the quality) when I made the jump from Wordpress to ChicagoNow.

But Gretchen helped me to find my Eureka! moment...I lost the me. What made my previous blog successful, entertaining and engaging was me. Not that I'm the most interesting person in the world (I barely scratch the top 20), but my unique perspective built upon the intersection of my life experiences (I've lived the life of an Alpha Male doing Alpha Shit) and seen a lot of cool places in the interim.

When I jumped to ChicagoNow, I started spending tons of time mulling over what to write about, and I worked to make every blog vast and epic. I've totally been overthinking it.

I'm not a reporter. I'm sometimes a historian, but ultimately, I'm just a dude with a quirky outlook on life, and in 2018, that's pretty hip.

So, you'll hopefully be hearing more from me in 2019. More quirky, more off the cuff, and magically, something that I've found super hard for the past two years, crafting this blog on my phone was super easy, just like it was prior to ChicagoNow.

We are truly back to the reflections of a Chicago life, from a single dude in the city. Say hello to your Carrie Bradshaw...with way less fashionable shoes.

As a side note...which Sex and the City character did you most identify with? Let me know in the comments below.  

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