Throwback Monday: Riot Fest Day 3 of 3

Throwback Monday: Riot Fest Day 3 of 3

OK...So, I'm not sure if this counts as a throwback since I never published it.  So yes,  this one is delayed. I have no excuses, other than I have a job, and a very active lifestyle.  It's 11:15pm and I got home a little while ago. Started my work day at 7:30am, proceeded to jiu jitsu after work, then grabbed dinner, and then took a nice moonlit stroll through downtown...because the weather is beautiful, and the air is sweet, and romantic, and I had ears full of music and a mind full of thoughts...does that make sense?  Can I be forgiven?

So, let's talk about that third day of Riot Fest:

What can I say?  Day 3 of Riot Fest was amazing and a fitting end to the festival!

Unlike the first few days, my 3rd day was very relaxed..very chill.  I actually started my day by having brunch with my dear friend Tricia at The River Valley Farmer's Table.  Let me just say that that place is delightful! I highly recommend it...and back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I definitely got to Riot later than I wanted.  I really wanted to catch Bullet For My Valentine.  Well, that didn't happen.  I did however, catch some of Suicidal Tendencies.  I was never a fan of Suicidal back in their heyday, but it was really cool to hear them.  I couldn't name many of their songs, or any of the members of the band, etc.  But those dudes are legends, and were a huge influence on many bands that I did go on to joy, so all respect to them, and I totally dug everything I heard coming off their stage.  I will have to spend some time digging in to their stuff.

From there, I walked around a lot.  I heard a bit of Clutch's set while moseying around.  I will say that I heard Clutch a few years back, when Riot was still in Humboldt Park, and I wasn't impressed at all.  At the time, I had a bunch of friends who were huge Clutch fans, and told me that I had to catch them.  Didn't do anything for me.  This time, I was much more in line with what they were throwing down.  I enjoyed it.  I will have to give them a listen some and see how I feel about their recorded stuff.

Next I caught some Blondie.  I didn't actively listen to the full set, but man, it's Blondie!  What can you say?  She's a legend.  I caught the first few songs, and heard the entirety of the set while walking around the vendor area.  I enjoyed it.  I must say that I don't know much about Blondie's music in the grand scheme of things, so I will probably dig in the crates and see what lies in there beyond the hits, ya know?

So, as I mentioned before, Day 3 was my first venture back into the vendor area, which was excellent.

and let me go ahead and throw this out right now;

No one can ever tell me that history isn't cool, because the Chicago History Museum had a tent in the vendor area.  Boom!!  That's it!

Seriously, that was really cool to see.  They had a karaoke setup, and people could come by and throw down on a song or two, which was really cool.  The decorations of the tent also highlighted their current exhibition, "Amplified: Chicago Blues:".  So in actuality, their planning to be at the festival was a perfect call.  I just thought it was hella cool.  They also were sitting right next to Weed World Candies, a vendor I have been a fan of for years.  Those of you who follow my social media may recall a video I posted on Instagram a month or 2 back where their van was following a company of CFD recruits on their morning run.  I thought that was priceless.

As I continued to walk around and just enjoy the vibe, and the music, I caught a bit of Underoath.  I wanted to check them out because I wasn't sure what type of band they were.  I enjoyed what I heard, although I couldn't really give any specifics.  Upon further research, I understand that not only were they once labeled a "Christian rockband", but their style has changed quite a bit reportedly overtime, so this is another act whom I will have to dig in the crates on to see what I think.  Also, I was super happy to hear them take a moment to discuss suicide (September is National Suicide Prevention Month), and to remind people to look out for one another, and reach out to friends if you think they're in need.  I feel like in today's world, that needs to be said.

As the sun dipped down, out came the heavy hitters. 

Incubus was awesome!  I really enjoyed their visual show.  It was super tasty.  The music...I mean, it's Incubus.  I'm not a huge fan, and I'm not super familiar with their entire catalog, but their music has a distinct flavor all it's own, and this festival felt like a perfect venue to allow them to do their thing.  I can't think of another band that sounds quite like Incubus.  It was great to hear mostly songs that I was unfamiliar with.  I didn't stay for the entire set, and I'm sure the songs I am familiar with would've been the last 2 or 3, but I ran into my friend James, and we both agreed we wanted a decent spot to see Run The Jewels.

Upon heading to Run The Jewels, I got to hear Father John Misty, who was performing at the stage right next to theirs.  I had never heard of Father John Misty prior to this Riot Fest, and knew nothing about him/them.  Well, what I heard I liked.  My head was abuzz with a full day, but I was nodding my head. If it makes your head bounce without too much conscious thought, it's good music.

And to close out the festival was Run The Jewels.  So, I walked in still sore at Killer Mike for his bullshit interview with Colion Noir on NRA TV. That shit was straight foul.  However, he has since apologized, and we made up over some heavy beats, some dancing, and some weed smoke.  I'm not one to hold a grudge for too long.  Their set was awesome.  RTJ has great charisma, great production, amazing lyricism...they are an amazing duo, and they know how to get a crowd moving.  And the crowd said "RTJ".

And that brought my Riot Fest 2018 to an end.  Best performance of the weekend for me, was still Andrew W.K.  C'mon, if it gets you moshing, thinking, contemplating, and it hits you in the feels, can it really be topped.

All in all, a great weekend.  I have some lingering thoughts that I hope to share in a later post.

I can't wait for 2019 and hope next time I see you all there!

How did Riot Fest pan out for everyone else?  Did you get to see all the bands you wanted to?  Were there any particular bands that you thought should have played this year that didn't?  Who would you like to see play Riot Fest next year?  Give me all the dirt down below in the comments section.

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