Here It Goes Again: A Brief Reflection On Another School Shooting

Here It Goes Again: A Brief Reflection On Another School Shooting
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While eating dinner this evening, I saw on Twitter that there was another shooting at another high school.

1 dead, 1 in custody.

So unfortunate.

In my prior professional position, I would often talk to students about the real price of gun violence, and the ripple effect of these events.

Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina has a student body of 2,133 students, and 114 full time teachers. There are 30 schools total in the district, with a total student population of 43,765.

Average funeral costs in NC are $7,755 + $3,000 for a burial plot.

The cost of the police response to the school: $2,200
Emergency Transport: $450
Hospital fees: $10,700
Family Mental Health: $11,500
Court Fees: $2,300
Prison costs: $414,00
(borrowed from national averages)

The national average for the price of one murder is $441,000, plus lost wages and productivity.

Annually, nationwide, the cost of gun violence en mass is $229 Billion. $8.6 Billion of that in direct costs, and $221 billion in indirect costs

Paling all that however, are the 2 young lives destroyed today, and countless others scarred by this event. What will be going through those young minds next Monday? How many of them will jump when they hear a loud bang? How many will have nightmares and wake up in cold sweats for weeks, months, and perhaps even years to come. How many of them won’t even have access to the services needed and deserved after this type of event, and sent out into the world to figure it out on their own?

But what do I know? I’m just an old “libtard” with a blog.

Well, I know that these events are preventable, because other countries have prevented them.  Of course, that will be welcomed with choruses "But they're not America."

Yes, I know.  They're doing it BETTER than America.  In this regard, on this issue of gun violence, we are not leaders, and now is not the time to lead.  Now is the time to follow.  Follow best practices, established and proven by people who are doing it right.  Even states in our country are doing it better than is time to follow their lead.

And to ask questions.  Every segment of society, every segment of government, should be studying data, figuring out the truth.  Not a doctored truth, not a manipulated truth, but the truth of the effects of gun violence in our society.

And yes, we should be talking about this issue. Every day.  Not only when it affects us directly, or when it's ugly shadow darkens our doors.  But every day, and not only when it's convenient, but when it's most inconvenient, and uncomfortable.  No, don't keep peace at the dinner table when your gun loving uncle comes into town.  You question his motives. You ask him to explain his perspectives.  Now is the time to be uncomfortable.

Another pair of young lives destroyed makes me uncomfortable. It makes me sad. It makes me angry, because I know we can do better.

Shall we have another round of thoughts and prayers?
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