A Perspective on the Bill Cosby Case

A Perspective on the Bill Cosby Case

This Bill Cosby thing was on my mind all morning. When I refer to this "thing", I'm referring to this outpouring of sympathy across my social media for his sentencing, and for the fact that he could quite possibly die in jail.

I just don't get it. The man had 60 accusers, spanning decades. Now, I'm a pragmatist when it comes to people and human nature. Yes, sometimes people lie. Yes, sometimes injustice is had. But when 58 people come forward and say, "This person is a scumbag"...you're probably a scumbag.

And Bill Cosby's scumbagginess (yes, I invent words on the fly) has nothing to do with political or judicial injustice. It has to do with him slipping roofies in people's drinks and leveraging his power for pussy. And that has no relation to Emmitt Till, or any other great travesty of history.

He's a man. A broken man. Is he evil? I don't know. He did scummy shit, repeatedly, because he got away with it the first time. And then the second time. And then he became more self-assured in his methods, and went on to #3. I wanted to be a criminal profiler when I was a kid. that's exactly what serial killers do too. He was a serial rapist.

The fact that he's black doesn't mean he deserves a pass because Harvey Weinstein is still on the streets.

What kind of scumbag thinking is that? When we allow our moral compasses to be completely thrown out of the window to satiate some odd feeling of revenge, we completely debase ourselves as people.

Someone posted something yesterday asking, "If you had the power to enslave white people for 60 years, and treat them exactly as slaves throughout American history were treated, would you?" Without hesitation, I answered "No, because that behavior is beneath me."

When we become our darker selves, all is lost. I don't feel any sympathy for Bill Cosby, and I simply ask all of his defenders to reflect on the question I asked someone yesterday; "Would you be so sympathetic to his "plight" if one of his victims was yo mama?"

As the title implies, this is simply my opinion and perspective on the issue, and I already know there are MANY people who vehemently disagree with me, and I encourage you to do so.  I encourage you to hold strong opinion, and not to hesitate to voice them. That is actually what makes us stronger as a society, as people, and whether we find consensus, or agree to disagree, hopefully in discourse we can find understanding of an opposite perspective...not agreement...but understanding.

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