One Of The NRA's Paid Gerbils Blocked Me On Twitter!

One Of The NRA's Paid Gerbils Blocked Me On Twitter!

Needless to say, talks of 'Russia' are on Americans lips for a variety of reasons.

Most recently, because the world watched as the President of the United States effectively knelt down and let Russian President Vladimir Putin urinate in his mouth.  At least, that's how I perceived the debacle.

Now, let's use common sense:  Russia certainly has things to gain by seeing American democracy destabilized.

Why would he openly admit to meddling in the 2016 American election???

"Why yes, I did meddle in the US election, and I plan to do so more in the future?  Any additional questions?" ~ Vladimir Putin

Trumpsters, I know some of you, not all of you, but some of you are slow...but how slow could you possibly be?  Vlad is a former spy.  Spies don't motherf**k you and then tell you how they did it.  What's the point of doing it in secret then?

I'm sure none of this, and the backlash, and then the backtracking,  is of any news to you...but in the off chance that it is, here is the roundup of the whole debacle in 3 videos:

However, a much less talked about story is the story of Maria Butina, an accused Russia spy who attempted to meddle in American politics by using the NRA, whom also had direct contact to the Trump family, and even reportedly bragged about getting the Trump family in contact with the Russian government.  Now, that's not "fake news", that comes from an American intelligence agency.

Read the hyperlinked article above to get all the details on this story.

Unfortunately, this story hasn't gotten tons of traction, being shadowed by the Helsinki debacle.  However, it stands to argue that the NRA was at best, duped by the Russian government to allow a Russian spy inroads to a White House hopeful, and at worst were wittingly, or unwittingly, laundering money for the Russian government to then give to Donald Trump in his Presidential race.


Why would the National Rifle Association need powerful contacts in Russia, as they've been reported as gaining over the past six year.

So, as I learned more of this story, I decided to turn to my favorite NRA talking head, Dana Loesch.  Now, I follow Dana on Twitter.  Whenever something interesting occurs, I turn to her to see what the NRA response will be.  You know Dana Loesch, she's the one who warned the mainstream media and those who stand against the NRA that our time is running out.

::  YAWN ::

But she does give good Twitter.  I hadn't visited her page in over about a month, so when hearing that the NRA has potentially been colluding with the Russians, I had to hear her side of this sordid tale.

Unfortunately, I was met with this fabulous photo:

WTF???  Awesome!!!

C'mon, you are the NRA's Official National Spokesperson.  You can't take some conversation and criticism from little old me?  Girl, you need to find a new job.

Fortunately, a single twitter count do not I I look forward to seeing how she spins this story...and denies...and backtracks.  I think, as the Weiner Circle so eloquently pointed out, Obviously Vlad has a pee pee tape...but I wonder what he has on the NRA?

So friends, I encourage you to pay Dana a visit over on Twitter @DLoesch as well as the @NRA and @NRAILA and ask them directly what the deal is with their ties to Russia.  They put a lot of money into American elections...could it possibly be :: shocked face ::  dirty money???

So, NRA and ISRA friends...someone shoot a note to Todd Vandermyde and tell him to chime in...what do you all think of your organization working with the Russians?  Is that how true blue Americans get down in 2018?  Is this the new normal?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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