Have you checked out Warm Belly Bakery?

Have you checked out Warm Belly Bakery?

As I type this, on my increasingly problematic iPhone 6s, I am sitting in Warm Belly Bakery in West Loop.

Now, anyone who knows me on a personal level knows I am not a fan of the West Loop. I've worked here for 3 years. The parking is horrendous. I call it the #PoopLoop because of the copious amounts of dog shit lying silly nilly. It's the only neighborhood that I repeatedly almost get hit while riding my bicycle, and also the only neighborhood where I have had a verbal altercation, and had physical contact with a car while on my bike.

Let's just say we have no love between us.

But this summer, I told myself I would clean off my proverbial glasses and look at the neighborhood with fresh eyes.

So this morning, I saw a post by WBB as I was devising my plan for the day.

Now, my first interaction with WBB at all was just after the business opened. They had their cookie truck out around town, selling cookies and coffee. It was a rainy morning, and I approached the truck to purchase a few cookies for me and my coworkers.

"Hey man....so, we forgot our iPad at the shop, so everything is free. What would you like?"

Free??? That word even sounds foreign in today's society, so I was taken aback. I picked up a few cookies and was on my way. But, I remembered that generosity, ya know?

So, when I saw the post above, I thought it a perfect opportunity to check this place out.

First things first, it is darling! Orange chairs, books (large selection of Dr. Seuss it appears), a few board games. It's a delightful atmosphere.

Their selection is excellent. A little something for everyone. Unfortunately, I was informed that the Fat Elvis sold out about an hour ago, but I was offered the opportunity to do a taste test; apparently Warm Belly May be venturing into making cupcakes, and they are looking for feedback. I chose the birthday cake muffin! Yummy!!!

They also have espresso options and all that. Also, working today was Barbara. Absolutely delightful. She offered the kind of customer service and delightful disposition that you'd hope to find anywhere you go. Kudos to you Barbara!

Next time I come by, I'm going to try the Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie.

I definitely recommend this place.

Have you been to Warm Belly before? WHAT's your favorite cookie? Any recommendations? Give me the 411! Comment below!

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This post was created entirely on an iPhone 6s

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