Have You Heard Don't Be A Dick?

Have You Heard Don't Be A Dick?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge podcast fan.  I'm currently subscribed to 22 different podcasts, and that's after I cut back.  LOL.

I'm a bit of a fiend.

I've even played around with the idea of starting my own podcast.  Which, takes a bit of technical know how and savvy...none of which I have, but which prompted me into experimenting with Vlogging, which you can watch at your leisure at the Off The Beaten Path Youtube Page.

So I was overjoyed when asked to be a guest on a new podcast here in Chicago.

The Podcast is called "Don't Be a Dick", and the premise is simple:

"A show about how we treat each other"

I was intrigued.  And was very honored to be the guest of the inaugural episode.  Thus far, there are 4 episodes and they're all good.  Interesting conversations with interesting people.  My interview is centered around Gun violence, education, and activism....my favorite topics.

The host of the podcast is a gentleman named David Schwartz.  Very charismatic guy; he has a great way of digging deep into the thoughts and ideas of his guests.  I imagine that his show will only continue to get better with time as he further develops his craft.

So, you should definitely check out Don't be a Dick, either on iTunes or Podbean.  How amazing is it that I'm on iTunes?!?!?!   I'd love to hear what you all think.

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